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land where grass or grasslike vegetation grows and is the dominant form of plant life

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[USA], Aug 29 (ANI): Temperate grasslands are the most endangered but least protected ecosystems on the Earth.
Not only is grassland beneficial in terms of carbon sequestration, but also in the context of soil health and input reductions, and that is now becoming a part of arable rotation patterns; livestock being used as a means of increasing soil organic matter when fields are under grass.
Rhys Edwards, of Hendre Ifan Goch farm near Bridgend, said: "Grassland is the core of our farming system.
Naturally, grasslands near the Gulf of Mexico tended to have saltier plants, but surprisingly had less salty soils, likely due to their sandy composition.
Li Yaoming, of the Xinjiang Institute of Ecology and Geography, said Tajikistan had suffered serious grassland degradation in recent years as a result of population growth, a warmer climate, melting glaciers, frequent extreme weather events and overgrazing.
The Luzon shrew is known to populate the grassland summit.
The fire affected all camp sites in the grassland area.Tourists and visitors on the mountain when the fire occurred were told to head to the ranger station at Babadak.
Adds James Herkert, executive director of Illinois Audubon Society: 'The rapid decline of Henslow's sparrow was halted in the mid 1990s largely thanks to the Department of Agriculture's Conservation Reserve Program, which compensates farmers who restore grasslands on their lands.
Xilingol grassland locates in the north of China, and it is one of the three major natural grasslands of China and the typical temperate grassland of Eurasia, as well as the most complete preservation of word's temperate grassland in the Central Plains plants.
50% of arable and agricultural land of Romania (Motoc, M., Mircea, S., 2002, Montanarella, I., 2007) at the grassland areas affected approx.
I SAY, I say, I say, did you hear the one about the comic and the grassland...
Steve Lowe said: "The unique grassland communities of the Whin Sill and the river shingles of the Tyne are two of Northumberland's most sensitive and scarce habitats, something we have a special responsibility for but which few people know much about.
Surrounding Theodore Roosevelt National Park in North Dakota are about one million acres of grassland managed by the U.S.
Bihar is developing India's biggest grassland of over 800 acres in its only tiger reserve in the state's northeast to provide a wildlife friendly environment for the big cats whose numbers have doubled in the last three years.
The study found natural-unfertilized-grasslands with a variety of grass species have more stability because of species "asynchrony," which means that different species thrive at different times so that the grassland produces more consistently over time.