grass widow

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a divorced woman or a woman who is separated from her husband


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"The Grass Widow" is a novel following Bethel Erwin as she serves as a nurse for both the Confederate and Union armies.
He varies the settings, situations and characters with great skill and style such as the comic "A Bad Night," the nourishing "A Grass Widow," the romantic "Uncle Wellington's Wives" and the tragic "Her Virginia Mammy." He that truly believes in the tenets of American democracy and the promise that all of its citizens, black and white, should enjoy its fruits.
(44) Because Hilderbrand traveled for his work as a steamfitter, Eliza apparently experienced life as a grass widow more than once.
I''VE been a grass widow all week - just me and the dog and my many television sets dotted around my mansion, on which I''ve been watching all manner of spoil from the four corners of the world.
At the minimum, we could have done with a few glosses: not every (American) undergraduate knows what a "grass widow" is.
Grass Widow wrote and recorded the album after a few personal traumas separated the band across the country for six months.
Ethelbert Miller I love you as the grave loves the stone I do not love you as if you were salt-pork or opal or the sorrow of grass widows tending fields.