grappling iron

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a tool consisting of several hooks for grasping and holding

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'We've had a grappling iron on the top five this season and we can't quite pull them in,' said Maynard.
Rescuers used grappling irons to try and find the boy but there was no trace of him.
The fiends know such an apparently benevolent policy will tie my impulse-buying budget to them with velvet-wrapped grappling irons. ("Just think: It won't cost you a cent to have it delivered, and it will be here so soon too!") So after making a series of purchases too dismally needless and foolhardy for me to describe, Amazon sent me its usual brisk and bustling messages announcing the delivery times--two packages on Monday, at least two more on Tuesday (depending on how many items it could cram in a box), and one on Wednesday.
Stand there today and think of the 600 salvos fired from the American Battleship TEXAS lying off-shore and the grappling irons used by the US troops scaling the cliff.