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used as a lubricant and as a moderator in nuclear reactors

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The major use of graphite is in refractories that can withstand the temperature of molten metals and slags.
This license is now held by Gazania Investments Two Hundred and Forty Two LTD (Gazania) and will be the object of further exploration, development and production work by Next Graphite.
As Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Michael will have overall responsibility for the contracting and distribution of natural flake graphite from Ontario Graphite's Kearney graphite mine.
Once granted, Archer will have 924km2 - a dominant landholding in what is shaping as a significant graphite province within the highly prospective Cleve Uplands.
Both Westwater and Alabama Graphite are mineral exploration and development companies with advancing American green-energy minerals and materials projects.
Eric Miller, Chief Information Officer of Advantage Insurance, commented: "I am excited about the benefits that Graphite GTC brings to Advantage in its ongoing systems upgrades.
On the basis of revenue, the synthetic graphite represented the biggest segment of the graphite market.
The Uley Graphite plant that was previously capable of producing up to 14,000 tonnes of graphite per year is in need of some refurbishment to become fully operational again, after it was shut down, and put into care and maintenance in 1993.
The company has chosen John O Rud, Geologist, MSc of the GeoXplor Corporation, to expand its graphite land holdings in the area.
Several MINI Graphite versions are available, starting with the pounds 13,075 One Graphite; Cooper Graphite, pounds 14,590, and finally the Cooper D Graphite at pounds 15,660.
Tokai hopes this acquisition will improve its position in Europe for specialty graphite, and will allow the company to give better and more comprehensive service to its customers.
There is a continuing need to convince both casting designers and producers that thin-wall gray, ductile and compacted graphite iron castings are a viable option, and proven production processes are available.
This will be the first time that 32-inch-diameter graphite electrodes are commercially used in Japan.
Loose connections between these sheets make graphite soft; it's these sheets that a pencil leaves behind on paper.
Spicer, Time resolved shearographic and thermographic NDE methods for graphite epoxy/honeycomb composite, Mater.