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At the time the online graphical user interface is introduced, WLN will migrate to the SDLC telecommunications and LU6.
As a result, Graphical User Interfaces have become increasingly popular in everything from mp3 players to home appliances.
Time Monitor software - enables customers to use the XLi/XLi SAASM as a powerful time and frequency measurement and analysis instrument, providing automatic collection of time and frequency measurements, as well as a wide range of time and frequency computations including: frequency offset, drift, stability (Allan Variance), MTIE, TDEV, phase deviation and more; easy plotting of data with a choice of five graph types; support of numerous telecom masks (ITU-T, ANSI, ETSI) which can be overlaid on the plot; and remote control via a graphical user interface (serial or network) of the XLi/XLi SAASM.
com) established in 1987, is a leader in designing and developing Graphical User Interfaces (GUI), company branding, and real-time viewer experiences.
The Diamond Standard Software Toolkit evaluation version includes Xtensa(R) Xplorer(TM) -- Diamond Edition, a comprehensive graphical user interface based on the popular Eclipse software environment.
LOS ANGELES -- Hollywood-based graphical user interface and branding expert, REZN8, demonstrated the potential of Microsoft's new WinFX technology during group vice president of Microsoft Corp.
Milestone Release Greatly Simplifies Security Configuration and Management with New Graphical User Interface, Enhances Protection against Worms and Spyware and Adds Deployment Flexibility
NET that blends a high level graphical user interface for call flow design and sophisticated programming.
The first two phases of the CEMS, which is already in service, include deploying a consolidated graphical user interface and centrally-controlled multi-vendor Element Management System (EMS) applications.
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