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Three years of reports (nursing, social work, psychology, and speech-language pathology) indicated no prior or recent exposure to tangible object symbols, graphic symbols, or voice-output technology.
If the graphic symbol system of drawing is related to the graphic symbol system of written language, then communication of thought through speech, encoded as written language, may be related to communication of thought through drawing, encoded as graphic images.
The communication board is created using a graphic symbols software program called Boardmaker[R].
Our new graphic symbol is based on the strong letter A from our original Aptargroup identity, which represented strength (pyramid shape) and leadership (from the Greek letter alpha).
A typical 'contact' notification includes a graphic symbol around the contact; a graphic symbol flashed to the operator indicating the direction in which the contact should be visually followed; an audible alarm; the current image of the contact in a picture-in-picture window; and a recorded image of the contact displayed in a supplementary window.
At the same time, the Partnership will be working to raise awareness that the Dietary Guidelines and the Food Guide Pyramid, which translates the guidelines into a graphic symbol, do not sanction any strategy that excludes a macronutrient or food group, such as extreme low-carb diets.
The encircled graphic symbol, derived from the letters "C" and "S", helps unify the words Carestream and Health while connoting a "circle of care," which the company's products enable.
We had actually been looking for a graphic symbol for Boeing for a number of years," said Bishop.
Barron and Company, a Twin Cities-based public relations and health care marketing firm has conducted research showing that the caduceus (KUH-DOO'-SEE-US), the winged graphic symbol widely used in association with the medical and health care professions, is being glaringly misused and misunderstood.
It is accompanied by a graphic symbol comprised of a contemporary, stylized eagle within a bold, blue triangle.
Developed in partnership with Bozell-Kamstra, the Air Force's Agency of Record, this assignment comes on the heels of the Siegelgale's successful engagement to update the armed service's brand positioning and core graphic symbol.
The graphic symbol within the corporate signature features an abstract S within a globe that illustrates the pathway to Destination Shandwick.
The 10K Wizard listing is accompanied by a graphic symbol of a drill, which, the magazine notes, means that the site is "a power tool.
There's no graphic symbol that says this is the San Fernando Valley,'' says Johnson, a retired commercial artist living in Granada Hills.
Chapter 8 focuses instructional strategies on simple and conditional discrimination to match graphic symbols to objects and events and ends the chapter with concerns that should be considered in teaching the initial discriminations required to use graphic symbols.