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(2007) investigated how graphic symbol expression is affected from syntactic complexity.
Three years of reports (nursing, social work, psychology, and speech-language pathology) indicated no prior or recent exposure to tangible object symbols, graphic symbols, or voice-output technology.
Legibility, in turn, is characterized as an attribute that any graphic symbol demonstrates with its own characteristics that can be identified independently.
In an illustration about lighting symbols, the graphic symbol for "26[degrees] Source Four" is the same as the symbol for "19[degrees] Source Four." The 26[degrees] symbol is incorrect.
If the graphic symbol system of drawing is related to the graphic symbol system of written language, then communication of thought through speech, encoded as written language, may be related to communication of thought through drawing, encoded as graphic images.
government's new graphic symbol for nutrition advice, the thumbs up.
The participant was shown a dish containing one of three incentives (as the sample stimulus) and three graphic symbol flashcards arranged in a row on the table (the comparison stimuli).
* Pair speech with pointing to a graphic symbol on a communication board or device.
The blue form emerging from this vessel pays homage to Moche codices which use a graphic symbol near the figure's mouth, referred to as a 'speech scroll' by archaeologists, to indicate the figure was talking.
Every sales area flashes a unique color palette and graphic symbol that can be seen on the main department sign and is carried over to the wall coverings.
Click on and up comes a grey home page with a white and grey graphic symbol, a quasi-rebus composed of the practice initials, with the full practice name in white below.
Decoding entails grapheme/phoneme correspondence, the process of matching the graphic symbol on the page to the sound of the word (Wagner & Torgeson, 1987; Wagner, Torgeson, & Rashotte, 1994).
And with the new Graphic Symbol Edit Window, users can access most of the editing tools and functions in the workspace outside of the original document for increased productivity.
Identified by a graphic symbol of buildings and trees, Promax's EARTHTOWN initiative is "designed to bring conference attendees into a better understanding of the trends and technologies that are building a smaller, faster world," said Promax officials.
icon A sign (such as a word or graphic symbol) whose form suggests its meaning.