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an artist who designs and makes prints

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Curator and graphic artist John Carr designed the exhibit to spread the message of nonviolence and to showcase hand-crafted prints from several renowned artists.
Trugman worked as a graphic artist and art director at NBC-TV Burbank for more than 43 years, contributing graphics and titling for shows including "The Dinah Shore Chevy Show," "The Dean Martin Show," "The Tonight Show," "Laugh-In," Bob Hope and Jerry Lewis projects and many gameshows and specials.
Gerry, who was also a talented graphic artist, was probably more closely attuned to the art world than was Bob.
Sellers was an award-winning illustrator, graphic artist and art director.
Get a mathematician together with a graphic artist and an art historian, and what happens?
Graphic artist Catherine Wakeman Jennings commented, "it's fun."
For the past ten years, she worked for a nonprofit organization while also sharpening her skills as a talented freelance graphic artist designing quarterly newsletters and brochures.
Through the graphic artist's design skills, the creation of metaphorically appropriate graphics for the Web site became an exemplary community building graphic mediator that offered visual support towards the creation of a Web-based community.
The Augsburg painter and graphic artist J[ddot{o}] Breu the Elder is a figure unjustly neglected by English-speaking scholars, who have tended to confine themselves to the canonical figures of D[ddot{u}]rer, Baldung, Grunewald or Holbein, and to favor oeuvre-centered studies.
As he researched Rosarium "his focus turned to the saints," recalls Daniel Shiplacoff, Bourland's 22-year-old lover and a graphic artist. Bourland and Shiplacoff met five years ago on a gay biking-club jaunt, and Shiplacoff's mother, a devout Catholic, became a well of expertise and guidance.
It is a general criticism of this book that far too much time is spent on questionably relevant issues, such as the aforementioned distortion of art history methodology, and other topics including, but not exclusive to, who admires, who doesn't admire graphic artists, the social status of the graphic artist from the 18th century onwards, the utopian views of English social theorists and art writers John Ruskin and William Morris and the impact of the employment of artists in the graphic arts industry on the development of a national art.
Thunder Bay graphic artist Vesa Peltonen and Elliot Lake glass craftsman Robert Jackson met at last spring's FedNor (Federal Economic Development Initiative in Northern Ontario) Opportunities North trade show in Toronto.
In 1931, he began to work in the "Kommunist" newspaper as a "graphic artist" under the direction of great national artist and cartoonist Azim Azimzade.
-- has drawn cartoons and created graphics for the Arlington Heights, Ill., Daily Herald; worked as a graphic artist for the Chicago Tribune; and done cartoons for magazines.
Fine artist, sculptor, and ceramicist Viktor Schreckengost has had an enormous impact of popular culture through his Limoges dinnerware designs, his work as a graphic artist, theater and costume designer, as well as his industrial designs which ranged from Murray bicycles, pedal cars, planes and boats, to Steelcraft toy buses and trucks, commercial printing presses, the first riding lawn mower, General Electric lighting fixtures and appliances, the Sear's Beverly Hills lawn chair, and that classic icon of American childhood--the little red wagon.
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