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an artist who designs and makes prints

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The Creative Team now has an opening for 5 Graphic Artist Interns.
In his new role as graphic artist, Vanderwyst will be responsible for laying out signs, banners and vehicle wraps for local business.
Mr Davison is an author and graphic artist based at Astral Gypsy in the Canal Basin, St Nicholas Street, Radford, Coventry.
Sometimes, what the graphic artist does is very close to art and there is not much difference between the two.
Thus, the subjectivity of the Pekar character was a constant throughout the series, but its image changed from story to story, depending on which graphic artist was involved.
An experienced Atlanta-based graphic artist sees a "crossroads of technology and creativity" in the effect of electronic communication and the Internet on design.
The Graphic Artist Guild promotes and protects the social, economic and professional interests of its members.
In this expanded and updated edition of her classic volume about the mathematician and graphic artist, she provides a comprehensive history of his life and work, She focuses on how Escher used two-dimensional space to create puzzlelike, interlocking images of birds, fish, lizards, and other natural forms.
The banner designed by Lancaster graphic artist Kevin Sanders of Creative Concepts was signed March 30, during the Support Our Troops rally in the parking lot at Lancaster Municipal Stadium.
I've been in holography for 24 years and done everything from A to Z," says CEO John Dixon, a graphic artist by training.
In 1901, there was the first celebration of their work, with a studio block (the Ernst Ludwig Haus) and six artists' houses designed by the Viennese architect Joseph Maria Olbrich, and one house designed for himself by the painter and graphic artist Peter Behrens (the first building of his vastly influential and successful architectural career).
This is my one chance every year to cut loose and let my creativity flow,'' says David McRobbie of Pasadena, who is a graphic artist for the Grizzard Agency and handles direct mail fund raising for nonprofit organizations.
Daily News graphic artist Jon Gerung won second place for graphics for ``The Valley's Final Frontier.
Vernon, an artist; and Will Sherwood, graphic artist.