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Synonyms for analysis

Synonyms for analysis

the separation of a whole into its parts for study

a close or systematic study

Synonyms for analysis

a form of literary criticism in which the structure of a piece of writing is analyzed

the use of closed-class words instead of inflections: e

a branch of mathematics involving calculus and the theory of limits

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The graphic analysis of handwriting is a well-established tool in forensic investigations.
Bryan Goddard's three articles on the exploratory use of graphs for valuation work published in The Appraisal Journal: The Role of Graphic Analysis in Appraisals, October 1999; The Power of Computer Graphics for Comparative Analysis, April 2000; and Graphics Improve the Analysis in Appraisals, October 2000.
Goddard, "The Role of Graphic Analysis in Appraisals," The Appraisal Journal (October 1999): 429-435.
The basic procedure for creating scatter diagrams is presented, followed by various practical considerations and applications for effective use of graphic analysis in the sales comparison approach to value.
A key objective of graphic analysis is to identify the function with the best fit for the data.
A written summary of the results and corresponding graphic analysis of the new data is available at www.
Graphic Analysis and Debugging Tools For System Optimization - Virtuoso is the world's only IDE that provides a graphical design analysis and debugging capability for DSP-based systems.
The applications manage administrative tasks such as reporting, graphic analysis and managed care analysis in a manner which is cost- effective.
Easy For Detailed Graphic Analysis of WebSTAR Site Traffic
However, they will be rewarded by expanded market coverage, powerful new functionality, Windows-based flexibility, and charting software for graphic analysis.
Digital River's reporting and graphic analysis systems give us the sophisticated tracking and reporting ability we need to measure the success of our promotional efforts.