grape sugar

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an isomer of glucose that is found in honey and sweet fruits

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Grape sugar is otherwise named glucose; and in regard to it the very important point has to be noted, that cane sugar can be wholly changed into > it by prolonged boiling.
Demand for grape sugar water tends to fluctuate -- even dropping to zero occasionally, but the savings on National Raisin's sewer bill alone amount to about $300,000 per year -- enough to keep the system's return-on-investment within the originally scheduled three years.
It was moved to an incubator and given seven infusions of liquid grape sugar, but did not recover.
Because these grapes contain a greater amount of natural grape sugar, dessert wines are usually made from them.
Cane sugar became sucrose, grape sugar glucose, starch amylose, and so on-at least, to chemists.
Vine water status can be assessed with a pressure chamber, or by means of carbon isotope discrimination measuring grape sugar (so-called [[delta].
It's the critical time when the fruits of the labour turns into wine as the must ferment the grape sugar into alcohol.
The spirit immediately arrests the fermentation, producing a sweet wine with about 10 per cent natural grape sugar and about 20 per cent abv.
Therefore, a modern approach to "multi-species" wine ferments backed by frontier science and rigorous research is essential to help winemakers achieve their primary objective of a better than 98% conversion of grape sugar to alcohol and carbon dioxide at a controlled rate and without the development of off-flavors.
In Australia, grape sugar at harvest has been linked to crop yield reductions, soil drying, changing vineyard management practices and climate warming over a 60-year period (Webb et al.