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composed of or covered with particles resembling meal in texture or consistency

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Typical nutritive tissues of complex nematode, mite and insect galls have cells with conspicuous nucleus, dense or granulose cytoplasm, which store proteins, reducing sugars and/or lipids, and are sources for the nutrition of the inducers (Kendall, 1930; Bird, 1961; Dropkin, 1969; Westphal et al, 1981; Brooks & Shorthouse, 1998; Ferreira et al., 2015,2017a, 2017b; Braganca et al.
This finding agrees with another study done in mares in which the immunostaining antiaromatase in the granulose cells depends on the size and morphology of the follicle supporting the aromatase expression is higher in large preovulatory follicles than in small ones [28].
Taxonomic revision of Rhinella granulose species group (Amphibia, Anura, Bufonidae), with a description of a new species.
Itzagaondoa ** Arraitza * Ardanatz Ardanatz * * Sandstone Lithological Outcrops Chama Chama Dentalium units pellati granulose sp.
Caption: Figure 1: Effects of diquat alone or combined with GSPB2 on ROS levels in granulose cells.
iii) Assilina granulose: This species was rarely found in the study area with few occurrences in the lower and upper parts of the formation.
The elevation of steroid hormones after treatment with lead acetate and garlic extract (group C) may be due to role of garlic components to reduce the negative effects of toxicity of lead acetate [22].The increase of LH hormone is considered as a principle factor to stimulate the theca interna to elevate production of pregnenolone compound which is converted by granulose cells to progesterone [21].
However, all have a tegmental sculpture that is mainly smooth or finely granulose.
Cumulus cells are granulose cells attached to oocytes and walls serve as an agent of communication between cells and hormonal mechanisms because there are many FSH and LH receptors in the cumulus cells.
Among these women, insulin promotes intraovarian steroidogenesis by interacting with luteinizing hormone (LH) leading to inappropriate advancement of granulose cell differentiation and arrest of follicle growth.
Morphological classification of the follicles in the rats was determined as primordial if a follicle contained an oocyte surrounded by a partial or complete layer of squamous granulose cells.
Inactivation of oE and oG in Clostridium acetobutylicum illuminates their roles in clostridial-cell-form biogenesis, granulose synthesis, solventogenesis, and spore morphogenesis.
According to Perry (2004), it is hard with a compact and consistent texture, granulose surface, a firm, smooth and non-slimy skin, yellowish color, a sweet, slightly spicy taste, featuring tender to strong smell and should be stored at a temperature equal to or below 18[degrees]C.