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new connective tissue and tiny blood vessels that form on the surfaces of a wound during the healing process

the act of forming something into granules or grains

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Chronic cholesteatoma otitis media and chronic otitis media with inflammatory granulation have a tendency to damage the bone tissue (ossicular chain and/or bony walls of the middle ear spaces).
Typically performed once powders containing the active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) and any excipients have been mixed together to a defined ratio, granulation affords many advantages.
The amount of non-viable tissue, degree of wound granulation and overall wound response was evaluated weekly using a visual score.
We needed a fascial substitute to cover the intra-abdominal viscera and to provide a base for granulation tissue and for a subsequent split skin graft to survive.
The histopathological profile of this tumor in conjunction with its immunophenotypic features suggested that it was a granulation tissue-type hemangioma of the vein.
[14] described a focal brain herniation into a giant arachnoid granulation located in a DVS which may have developed spontaneously or was induced by elevated intracranial pressure and cerebral edema resulting from prior head trauma.
We herein report a case involving a patient with MPS II who was treated with mediastinal tracheostoma for major airway obstruction by granulation formation at the tracheostomy site.
(1) However, the most common late complication remains the formation of granulation tissue, which has been reported in as many as 80% of cases; in fact, in children it is actually considered to be a routine finding.
Keywords: Canine distemper; dysphagia; granulation tissue; myoclonus
But, to a certain extent, the single-level granulation method (namely, single-level group testing method) can reduce the workload.
In his physical examination hypertrophic granulation tissue originating from the lateral nail matrixes was found to be bridged and epithelized in the midline leaving the lunula and the distal part of the nail unaffected.
Fluidized bed granulation is a widely used unit operation in the pharmaceutical industry as part of the process train used to manufacture solid dosage forms.
Taxus Cardium's Excellagen product, which has been cleared by the FDA for the treatment of chronic non-healing dermal wounds, has previously been shown to be capable of stimulating the rapid regeneration of granulation tissue, and to provide a matrix capable of supporting the viability of cells and other biologies.
German scientists investigated the stability of microencapsulated fish oil prepared using two production processes--spray granulation, and spray granulation followed by film coating, which involved the use of fluid bed equipment.