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Synonyms for granular

Synonyms for granular

consisting of or covered with large particles

Synonyms for granular

composed of or covered with particles resembling meal in texture or consistency

having a granular structure like that of chondrites


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You can granularly adjust notification settings to get updates (or not) via email, text, desktop, or phone badging.
(144) The projected dynamics alluded to in this study must be explored more granularly in future research, which ought to pay closer attention to design and method concerns.
This way into a surveillance program holistically, systemically, and granularly is a crucial step to any form of meaningful legal or political accountability.
Companies serving up dynamic banner ads, though, already had the technology to granularly target content to browsers.
The pub- lisher holds the ability to granularly understand its users, their habits and behav- iour, and offer custom packages.
With the ability to capture more information through automation, contact centers are able to granularly route callers to specific agent skillsets, provide detailed context about a caller's intents, and identify and authenticate callers.
With a myriad of policies and thresholds at their fingertips, administrators can granularly regulate traffic and block suspicious activity.
Thus, it would appear that controlling the molybdenum grain size, rather than adding spinel particles, is a more effective means of controlling ductility of molybdenum when fracture occurs inter granularly. Molybdenum-base materials exhibit excellent potential for such applications due to the high strength and high melting point of molybdenum; however, the oxidation resistance of molybdenum metal is extremely poor.
Ontrack PowerControls for SQL gives DBAs the ability to granularly restore SQL tables in seconds, not hours, without having to restore the entire database or use SQL to read the backups."
For example, executives at the corporate office in Charlotte, N.C., can see high-level dashboards about plant operations, plant managers can monitor the process with an hourly-view, and plant-floor supervisors can drill down even more granularly. Dashboards are also displayed on LCD screens in break rooms for plant employees, a direct replacement for the manual performance boards they previously used.
Sora can create an Embassy for each and every vendor, and granularly control what each can or cannot access.
We can test them granularly, and we can see all the implicit touch-points of a potential customer and an existing customer.
Leveraging Ontrack PowerControls 7.2 empowers IT administrators to granularly rebuild these externalized databases and shredded SharePoint files during the restore process.
Leveraging Ontrack PowerControls 7.2 empowers IT administrators to granularly rebuild these externalised databases and shredded SharePoint files during the restore process.