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Synonyms for grantee

a recipient of a grant

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someone to whom the title of property is transferred


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The grantee shall also improve and upgrade its equipment, facilities, and services in compliance with the country's free mobile disaster alerts law.
* The Conveyance of Real Property Is Effectuated by Both the Delivery of a Deed from the Titleholder of the Real Property and Acceptance by the Grantee--Delivery of a deed by the titleholder/grantor and acceptance by the grantee is essential to transfer title to the grantee.
Once a SIF grantee submitted its survey, the evaluators sent a request for a 15-30 minute follow-up interview that gave SIF grantees the opportunity to discuss evidence and supply documentation that would support their observations in the survey about organizational change.
The three Palestinian projects that are grantee recipients in this round are A House in Jerusalem, Muayad Alayan (Palestine/Qatar), Screwdriver, Bassam Jarbawi (Palestine/Qatar) and The Forgotten, Ghada Terawi (Palestine/Qatar).
The 2013-2015 funding initiative supported 11 grantees (nine state and two county health departments) to improve state and local capacity to assess and manage risks associated with drinking water systems not covered by SDWA.
Continuous feedback between grantee organizations and participating facilities was of paramount importance in identifying gaps in data accuracy and completeness, in increasing sensitivity to the importance of creating and adhering to standardized data specifications, and in implementing best practice protocols for data collection and transmission.
tool at their disposal: they can cut off funds to the offending grantee
To monitor progress toward achieving IIS program goals, CDC annually surveys immunization program grantees using the IIS Annual Report (IISAR).
Al Jabri continued, "It's important to note that support for the grantees doesn't just stop at financing.
The network consists of 61 grantees and approximately 44,000 eligible enrolled providers throughout the U.S., Puerto Rico and U.S.
Rutland RPC has been a brownfields grantee since 2003, and with this award, they will have received $1.6 million dollars in Brownfields funding.
Here you can specify a state, county, zip code or a health center program grantee and select it from the drop down menu of suggestions.
Recommendation: HUD should require, at a minimum, that grantees submit their AIs to the department on a routine basis and that HUD staff verify the timeliness of the documents, determine whether they adhere to established format requirements, assess the progress that grantees are achieving in addressing identified impediments, and help ensure the consistency between the AIs and other required grantee reports, such as the Consolidated Annual Performance and Evaluation Report.