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acknowledged as a supposition


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Alterations and change of use of playgroup to flats at Old Bridge Playgroup, 5 RoselandTerrace, Roseland Road, Dumfries - granted. Demolition of house at Seaview, Sandy Lane, Southerness - approval not required.
If employees have been granted options lower than authorized, they are getting bigger payoffs than they are entitled to, thus diluting the value of shares for the other stockholders.
A modification that actually restricts or reduces the benefits granted to the service provider will not ordinarily be treated as a material modification constituting treatment as a new grant.
123 must establish an opening pool of excess tax benefits for all awards granted after December 15, 1994, "as if" the company had been accounting for stock options under this statement all along.
Most of them provide funds to state and local governments or other organizations to manage the distribution of the funds granted. Also, Developing and Writing Grant Proposals offers tips from the CFDA.
These additional 17 grants will bring the total amount of the funds granted this year under the Scrap Tire Cleanup Grant Program to $2.5 million.
The first wish was granted in May 2000 to Edith, a 102-year-old resident who thought she would never see Chicago again.
The Charitable Service Trust granted more than $16,000 in funds to the Canandaigua, N.Y., VA medical center to create a wheelchair accessible surface for its therapeutic garden.
For example, when Hewlett-Packard granted new CEO Carly Fiorina restricted stock worth about $65 million and 600,000 stock options, the company specified that the awards compensated her for stock and options she forfeited when she left Lucent Technologies.
Slightly more than $1 million overall was granted toward the creation and performance of new choreography.
An option to purchase stock can qualify as an ISO only if the option is granted to an individual in connection with the individual's employment by a corporation, and only if granted by the employer corporation or its parent or subsidiary corporation (i.e., a corporation in an ownership chain beginning or ending with the employer corporation, with each corporation linked to the others by not less than 50-percent stock ownership as determined by voting power).
What constitutes grounds for a decree of nullity to be granted?
That same year, the Minnow Lake Foundation was granted 501 (c)(3) non-profit status and further was designated as a public charity.