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cookie bar made of granola

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Friday Granola Bar Or Pop Tart, Cereal, Fruit-Juice-Milk
The 300,000-square-foot granola bar factory for Northern Gold Foods is to be constructed on 11 acres by Grain Millers, which owns the property and about 90 additional acres south of the Junction City limits, said Christian Kongsore, Grain Miller's executive vice president.
Caption: Inside the water bottle (far right), handed out to youth's at a city event, was a Nature Valley granola bar (above) and on the back of the bar (above) was affixed a "reelect Mayor Dyster" sticker.
Also premiering a quinoa offering is Quaker, with its new Harvest Crunch Quinoa Granola Bars in Canada.
For lovers of milk chocolate, Newtree tempts you with a Lime Granola bar, and a Roasted and caramelized Almond bar.
Not so long ago, your breakfast-on-the-go options were limited to either Pop-Tarts or your basic granola bar. However, walk down the cereal aisle of any supermarket these days, and you'll see almost as many cereal-based bars as there are breakfast cereals, all to accommodate the on-the-go lifestyle of Americans.
General Mills Inc., Minneapolis, launched the granola bar segment to health-oriented consumers in 1975 with the Nature Valley brand.
Experiments with a granola bar mix to which epicatechin had been added showed that the flavonoid inhibited the formation of some flavor constituents produced in browning, including a powerful flavor-off flavor regulator.
I had my bow laying against a tree while I ate a granola bar. All at once, no more than 30 feet ahead of me, I saw this nine-point buck looking right at me.
And the patented chocolate bar will be joined soon by a "Raisin Cane Granola Bar," "PMS Bites," and "Rattlesnake Chocolate PMS Shake." Product development has been aided by "an attorney who was a chemist and a pharmacist"--and, Ms.
It might be a toy, or it could be a free sample of something, like breakfast cereal or a granola bar.
Even the most remote trails in Nepal are littered with bright orange Kodak film boxes and granola bar wrappers.
Whoever thinks of the warmest thought wins this handy, dandy, nutritious, delicious granola bar," said Daddy.
Friday -- Breakfast Pizza, Granola Bar, Apple, Slices, Juice, Milk
3 Starbucks cappuccino and a granola bar. I have this every day.