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cookie bar made of granola

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Wednesday: Oatmeal, granola bar, fruit, juice, milk
The 300,000-square-foot granola bar factory for Northern Gold Foods is to be constructed on 11 acres by Grain Millers, which owns the property and about 90 additional acres south of the Junction City limits, said Christian Kongsore, Grain Miller's executive vice president.
Also premiering a quinoa offering is Quaker, with its new Harvest Crunch Quinoa Granola Bars in Canada.
5 1 Mix Granola Bar (28 g) Back to Nature Fruit & Grain 120 2.
Candy bars begat granola bars, which begat cereal bars, which begat diet bars, which begat energy bars and supplement bars," reported Nutrition Action in 2000.
MINNEAPOLIS -- General Mills today announced a voluntary recall of a limited number of Cascadian Farm Granola Bars containing peanuts.
We wanted to develop a more complete granola bar that allows people to have it all.
General Mills has thrust the spotlight on its 6m [pounds sterling] Nature Valley Crunchy Granola Bar in a new burst of TV advertising, breaking on Monday.
The Curves Chewy Granola Bar comes in two varieties, Chocolate Peanut and Strawberries + Cream, while Curves Cereal is available in Whole Grain Crunch (11-ounce box) and Honey Crunch (16.
Finally, a granola bar that tastes decent -- not chalky and like cardboard.
The food industry seems bent on wrapping chocolate around every ice cream bar, cookie, and granola bar in the store.
A production error resulted in a limited number of properly labeled, individually wrapped Peanut Nature Valley Sweet & Salty Nut Granola Bar packages being inserted into 6-count boxes labeled as Almond Nature Valley Sweet & Salty Nut Granola Bars.
The New York-based granola bar maker received a (http://www.
Reducing total granola bar packaging by 29% and the paper-board box by 36%, which saves 472,000 gallons of water and 46 tons of waste yearly.
IS HOT on the trail-mix granola bar category with Nutri-Grain Fruit & Nut Bars, which it says boast more fruit and nuts than its competitors.