granny knot

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a reef knot crossed the wrong way and therefore insecure


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The rest were usually determined to do one or more of three things - bend the steering wheel inwards, tie their hands in a granny knot, or release the wheel altogether.
Even today I can manage a granny knot and that's it.
``Most people place one half-granny knot on top of another, which results in either a notoriously unstable granny knot or a very stable reef knot, depending on whether the two half-knots have the same or opposite orientation,'' said Polster.
Here my small intestine was practically tied in a granny knot from exertion, and she was having a ball.
You can twiddle with pre-load, damping and something called rebound until you've either turned it into a TT winner or upset it so much that it will tie itself into a granny knot when you're riding down to the chippy.