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the mother of your father or mother

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I walked along the cliff path in gentle breezes and picked tiny daisies with Grannie. My favorite time was knitting with her in the sunlit doorway of late afternoon.
The book contains a small number of photographs and is divided into chapters that address a variety of topics, including the history of granny midwives, black women writers' counter-discourse on the black female body, historical grannies' oral testimonies as black theology, and women healers as cultural icons.
The Royal Canadian Mounted Police have classified the Raging Grannies as subversives.
Now the grannies are in demand and are on a fundraising mission for Neuroblastoma UK in memory of the inspirational tot.
In the footage it is seen that just after the getting starting signal of race, two grannies began a vehement running in 100 meter -long footrace.
So, unable to find a suitable rug, I decided to make this rather hard-wearing fabric one that would indeed have taken pride of place in our grannies' hallways."
John said: "We love the Russian grannies. I think the Russian grannies have a crush on me and Edward.
Ceri Mowatt works as a knitter for Grannies, Inc., putting together beanies, scarves and snoods and adding a little bit of granny TLC.
MY boyfriend and I had our first child in summer and both grannies tried to see us at Christmas.
Central Vermont grannies were again invited by Montpelier Middle School students to entertain for MLK celebrations; the Peninsula, San Jose and Action League grannies joined to sing at the San Jose Peace Fair and again at Wal-Mart protesting War Toys--tempting some shoppers to stop and join in.
'I'm just glad that I have my mum and grannies around to watch her grow up.'
"Some grannies have thin legs, fat knees, crinkly eyes, or big soft laps.
I suppose even Raging Grannies can't control rush-hour traffic.
When the Raging Grannies sprang into being in 1987 in Victoria, B.C., they didn't plan to start a worldwide movement; they just wanted to protest in a different manner.