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showing unfeeling resistance to tender feelings

hard as granite

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These pots reflect our original Iroquois (Haudenosaunee) pottery, which was made with local clay gathered from streambeds and altered with the addition of crushed shell, crushed granitic rock, and sand to create a clay body that was useful and durable after it was fired.
In Aswan, it just takes minutes from the Corniche via motorboat to reach to the small granitic island stranded in the rapids of the Nile.
To verify the accuracy and reliability of the numerical model, laboratory tests were carried out on granitic rock and sandstone.
Rare-metal deposits are mainly associated with peraluminous to peralkaline granites, granitic pegmatites, and carbonatite complexes, which represent major resources for economically strategic metals such as Li, Be, Ta, Nb, Sn, W, and REE [1, 2].
The main objective of this paper is to clarify the permeability of Czech granitic rocks to describe the filtration properties and their changes due to hydrostatic pressure.
Bulk changes produced by weathering in granitic rocks have been studied by several methods, including chemical weathering indices.
It's great fun to try to figure out rock identities even as the water-polished pebbles afford an endless variety of gneisses, granitic rocks, schists, shales, black mudstones, and white quartzite.
The oxygen isotopic composition of water in equilibrium with emerald coupled with the hydrogen isotopic composition of water in the emerald channels fit with the isotopic water values defined for S-type granitic magmatism.
The drive will include the tall granitic hills of Ramanagara and the evergreen forests of Coorg.
Having checked into ashrams in India, taught English in Spain and eaten some questionable dishes in the Far East, Kiran discovers the world?s only granitic islands for us.
The Duce as "living statue"--even more "granitic" and infused with the spirit of romanita--recalls the rise and fall of Emperor Tiberius's murderous henchman, Sejanus, so unlovingly detailed by Tacitus and Juvenal (195).