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the father of your father or mother

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Bethan Bannister of the Wales Creative IP Fund said Grandpa In My Pocket was the latest in a line of children's programmes to receive investment from the IP Fund.
There were other grandchildren about, especially during Thanksgiving vacation, the best week of the year, but I can't recall my grandpa paying them much mind outside of the house.
Next, Grandpa tied rope a on the end of a big spoon.
He added: "David Kelly as Grandpa Joe is a lovable geezer.
Grandpa went to the window and looked up at the sky.
My Grandpa, who was a retired school teacher, taught me more during that single day than all the people in the whole wide world put together had ever taught me in the entire four years of my life.
Listeners will have no trouble distinguishing between the empathetic teenager Jess and the short-tempered Grandpa, and other characters are skillfully represented as well.
Dad stopped the car, and Grandpa slowly opened the door, and Shaul whispered to me that he was going to say Jabo in "Peace Now.
He says Grandpa Hopewell wouldn't admit he was getting old.
23, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Parker & Sons was founded in 1974 by Grandpa Jack and Faye Parker.
It tells the story of Jack's Grandpa who wears his slippers to the supermarket and serves up spam a la custard for dinner and his daring escape from his nursing home.
On Monday, Wesley and Grandpa clapped their hands and waved their arms.
Grandpa Murray dutifully carries out his task by kidnapping and torturing ill-mannered women until they accept god into their lives.
JACKASS PRESENTS: BAD GRANDPA Cert 15, Running time 92mins ?