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a nobleman of highest rank in Spain or Portugal

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It was not some grandee of religion, it was not the confident academic, still less the subtle lawyers.
The Tory grandee said that the Party was suffering from something new - disloyalty to its leader.
A CABINET minister will head the fight to get Britain out of the EU, Tory grandee Lord Lawson has said.
He came under fire from some in his own ranks, including party grandee and former MSP Donald Gorrie who said a deal could be done with a multi-option referendum including the Lib Dems' plans for more powers at Holyrood.
Admission: 12 years and over - pounds 14; 4-11 - pounds 12; under fours go free; grandee pounds 8, disabled and helper pounds 11.
Labour grandee and veteran peace campaigner Tony Benn gave evidence in support of Galloway at the opening of the hearing.
LABOUR heavyweight Dennis Healey once claimed that being attacked by Tory grandee Sir Geoffrey Howe was "like being savaged by a dead sheep".
TORY grandee Sir Edward Heath has put the boot into William Hague for the second day in a row, branding him a "laughing stock".
Tory grandee Sir Gerald Howarth, 67, replied: "Get a life and stop being so rude about the Prime Minister."
3 Thanks to Straw and Rifkind, have we finally defined what a party grandee is?
Francis Beckett, whose biography of Mr Brown is published this month, placed Austen Chamberlain at the top of the list, which also includes former Labour leader John Smith and Conservative grandee Michael Heseltine.
ou o g 3 a Thanks to Straw and Rifkind, have we finally defined what a party grandee is?
What was this upstanding grandee of the municipality doing honouring us with his presence?
TORY grandee Leon Brittan has died under a cloud of suspicion.
It came as Tory grandee Lord Heseltine backed calls to raise the minimum wage.