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Given this general outline of Nuosu syntax, one may define (partially) the grammatical relations us follows.
This section proposes that in Ostyak the topic status (in the sense of the primary topic) is systematically associated with the grammatical relation of subject.
Which part of the grammatical relation is the actual headword the MWE candidate occurs under is labeled by uppercasing that grammatical relation element, so under the verb traziti#Vm, the Croatian MWE candidate traziti riipu h zakonu will appear under the grammatical relation "GBZ sbz4 u sbz6".
The function of the two main infixes -c-and -o- is to morphologically link the two constituents and describe the grammatical relations the same as those described in syntactic phrases by genitive
In the "Source/Goal-Theme strategy", the grammatical relation of the Theme in the three-place predicate (60), is different from the one of the Theme of a transitive verb (59):
The selection of grammatical relations to include in our schema was motivated by practical rather than theoretical concerns.
After all, Zwingli's discussions are almost invariably exegetical in character, and he often clarifies what a proposition refers to by using one of the verbs (a)-(j) in the context of showing whether the grammatical relation corresponds to any real (extra-linguistic) relation.
For this reason, in terms of their semantics, the above datives are much closer to the grammatical relation subject than to object.
The feature decompositions for each grammatical relation is listed in (30).
1), for instance, uses such questions as (2i-j) as a test specifically for "patients", which he regards as an independent relational property additional to the semantic relation, or 0-role, borne by an argument; for that very reason patienthood is not to be associated with any one particular syntactic position or grammatical relation.
In RRG it is stressed that languages may have more than one type of grammatical relation, or PSA for that matter.
a) the grammatical relation of object would be assigned to the theme argument and in (1.
In Toqabaqita instrument inversion, the grammatical relation (but not the sentence position) of the patient/theme NP is taken over by the instrument NP.
Furthermore, the grammatical relation Subject-of is more precisely defined, by structurally identifying the Subject of S, S or NP as the least embedded NP in the structure.
He explains the basic concepts, then covers morphological processes and conceptual categories, morphophonemics, word classes, subclasses, constituent structure, language typology, grammatical relations, voice and valence, and multi-clause constructions.