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a grammatical category in inflected languages governing the agreement between nouns and pronouns and adjectives

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Assignment of grammatical genders by native and foreign learners of French.
Anderson (2003: 355) draws attention to the "conventionality" of grammatical gender associated with common words: the "word table in French is feminine, by 'convention', and happens to be a term for an item of furniture; but this is not to deny the appropriateness to the analysis of French of the category of grammatical gender".
Since nouns are not assigned grammatical gender in English, gender for English loanwords in Spanish cannot derive from the gender of the English model.
Norms 4 and 5 treat of the question of gender, that is, grammatical gender, of words that denote persons.
Consequently, a few Northern-Eurasian languages--Samoyedic and Tungusic--where there is no category of grammatical gender use the (*)m-accusative.
Concluding, though the results of the analysis indicate that the occurrences of gender mismatch in the Chronicle were not numerous, they nevertheless do not invalidate the obliteration of the grammatical gender system.
The method used by Lydon plays with the French grammatical gender distinction between la mode and le mode, "style" and "method," as she isolates various examples of writing style as the fleeting glimpse of the feminine.
Among the topics are measuring and parameterizing lexical convergence and divergence between European and Brazilian Portuguese, acquiring and not acquiring grammatical gender in two varieties of Dutch, and investigations into the folk's mental models of linguistic varieties.
Milroy (1984: 10) with reference to La3amon Brut A in general states that it displays a number of conservative features such as inflection and grammatical gender preserved in a healthy condition.
That is why what we tend to call gender is rather grammatical gender in spite of the fact that semantics plays a role in its assignment (see section 2.
The grammatical gender should help to distinguish between (2) and (3).
The grammatical gender of God, pagan deities, and angels according to the original text must not be changed insofar as this is possible in the receptor language.
Containing more than 30 papers, topics include comparative linguistics, competing models for a 17th century universal language, a study of the participle in ancient Greek, and grammatical gender as an arbitrary and redundant category.
This leads to another aspect of the OE nominal morphology which urgently needs rethinking, namely the category of grammatical gender.
Notice in (1) that objects like book and table, which have no real-world sex, are still "referred to by NPs that have a morphological gender" (Napoli 1993: 19) and, more importantly, that they trigger grammatical gender agreement on the accompanying determiners.