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Synonyms for grammatical


Synonyms for grammatical

of or pertaining to grammar


conforming to the rules of grammar or usage accepted by native speakers

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Then she looked back again at her manuscript, and decided that to write grammatical English prose is the hardest thing in the world.
Garth, with her sleeves turned above her elbows, deftly handling her pastry--applying her rolling-pin and giving ornamental pinches, while she expounded with grammatical fervor what were the right views about the concord of verbs and pronouns with "nouns of multitude or signifying many," was a sight agreeably amusing.
To tell the truth, I hated those grammatical studies, and nothing but the love of literature, and the hope of getting at it, could ever have made me go through them.
To his great joy he discovered that his ear was becoming sensitive and that he was developing grammatical nerves.
Mrs Nickleby had, that morning, had a yesterday's newspaper of the very first respectability from the public-house where the porter came from; and in this yesterday's newspaper was an advertisement, couched in the purest and most grammatical English, announcing that a married lady was in want of a genteel young person as companion, and that the married lady's name and address were to be known, on application at a certain library at the west end of the town, therein mentioned.
For the first one hundred or one hundred and fifty years, it seems, the two languages remained for the most part pretty clearly distinct, but in the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries English, abandoning its first aloofness, rapidly took into itself a large part of the French (originally Latin) vocabulary; and under the influence of the French it carried much farther the process of dropping its own comparatively complicated grammatical inflections--a process which had already gained much momentum even before the Conquest.
All that I am concerned with for the moment is that the grammatical forms "I think," "you think," and "Mr.
DeCarrico as cited in Celce-Murcia under the title "syntactic collocation types" classifies collocations into two types; grammatical and lexical collocations.
It is likely that it will give that audience some confidence and basic grammatical knowledge, helping them to look at texts and to identify features that could be explored with children.
However, that is not to say that grammar is neglected; rather, the Centro Studi Cassia Group weaves these two aspects together seamlessly throughout the text, creating an environment in which grammatical rules are contextualized within their appropriate cultural milieu (including but not limited to literature, advertising, comic strips and contemporary articles), thus creating an unconscious language learning experience.
Following discussion, it was decided students in Years 2 and 4 would be introduced to the grammatical aspects of participants, processes and circumstances for this project.
This volume, which is a substantial revision of its author's 2001 dissertation, 'The Deictic Foundations of the Sumerian Language," is the first book-length treatment of the so-called "conjugation prefixes" in Sumerian to be published to date, and one of only a few detailed scholarly investigations of a specific grammatical aspect of Sumerian to appear in recent years.
From the oversimplified comments in the introduction to the grammatical mistakes and straight wrong information, this book is not one of their better productions.
Baalbaki, holder of the Jewett Chair in the Department of Arabic and Near Eastern Languages, is widely considered a leading expert in Arabic grammatical thought.
A linguist rated the autobiographies' linguistic complexity on two scales: idea density and grammatical complexity.