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a secondary school emphasizing Latin and Greek in preparation for college

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The top ten for A-Level results | The Blue Coat School - Liverpool Average grade at A-Level: B+ | Wirral Grammar School for Girls - Wirral Average grade at A-Level: B| Merchant Taylors' Boys' School - Sefton Average grade at A-Level: B| Birkenhead School - Wirral Average grade at A-Level: B| Merchant Taylors Girls School - Sefton Average grade at A-Level: B| All Saints Catholic High School - Knowsley Average grade at A-Level: B-| West Kirkby Grammar School - Wirral Average grade at A-Level: B-| Upton Hall School FCJ - Wirral Average grade at A-Level: B-| St Mary's College - Sefton Average grace at A-Level: B-| Liverpool College - Liverpool Average grace at A-Level: C+
Yet in the 1960s there were 1300 grammar schools educating a quarter of all secondary pupils and half of all Oxbridge places went to grammar school children.
Governance rules for Queenslands grammar schools have been reformed to cut red tape and support school boards in long-term planning.
HANCOX' argument for bringing back grammar schools rests entirely on his and his brother's personal experience.
Many pupils of the grammar school intake have been privately tutored, brainwashed by mock exams week in, week out so, believe me, not all the cleverest kids are in our grammar schools and universities.
My objective at secondary modern school was to disrupt class with no intention to learn: most of my buddies were under strict learning controls of the grammar school and all did very well.
And the grammar school plan may be announced at the Conservative Party Conference in Birmingham in October, it has been reported.
CONTROVERSIAL plans put forward by the Welsh Conservatives to revive grammar schools in Wales have been dealt a blow by England's chief inspector who has described claims poorer pupils stand to benefit as "tosh and nonsense".
We used to have more grammar school children from diverse backgrounds getting to the top but now so many of the country's top politicians have been privately educated.
The spiralling cost of university tuition fees are also thought to be driving up demand for grammar school spots across the country.
I, too, am a product of the grammar school system, having attended a tough inner-city single sex grammar school in Derbyshire.
2005) The end of the grammar school system has helped widen class divisions, say researchers.
West Kirby Grammar School won their local heat, beating Birkenhead School and Ormskirk School.
Bible history class was but one of many September grammar school start-up rituals of my childhood.
A 1932 photograph of Lancaster Grammar School students includes Judy Garland, then known as Frances Gumm, who lived in Lancaster from 1928 to 1934.