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Synonyms for grainy

consisting of or covered with large particles

Synonyms for grainy

composed of or covered with particles resembling meal in texture or consistency

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Police investigating a rape in Sunderland want to speak to a man seen in this grainy footage
Palate: Rich viscosity with lovely acidity, cooked grainy sweetness, candied pecan, sweet vanilla, malted milk--cocoa.
Now they're in their 20s, Veronica Falls can hark back ruefully on Teenage - the single that that gratifyingly grainy 8mm video promotes - and look forward to more mundane rites of passage in the world-weary So Tired and Everybody's Changing.
They are grainy enough where I just didn't quite read them right, and I hit them good, and then the grain would take it, not take it.
The 1933 one in the paper doesn''t look grainy to me.
Malcolm X, for example, often had to juxtapose the grainy black-and-white TV images of "the angry Negro" with the intellectual writer, organizer and searing humorist he knew himself to be.
The grainy black-and-white films on their web site hint at subversive activity more sinister than dancing, as they are filmed entering buildings, setting up their hi-tech equipment, performing, and then leaving.
Security personnel may forget to change the video tape once it stops recording, or the tape may have been used so frequently that it provides a grainy, unrecognizable image.
Should this latest guerrilla marketing fad catch on--yes, we have heard about the death of advertising before--the airwaves inevitably will be cluttered with cheesy, grainy, tacky amateurish ads dripping with irony: The Blair Witch Microbrewery Commercial.
Through close framing and attention to surface, Bailey presents the figure's brown, grainy contours with immense sensuality, again evoking a tactile engagement with surface.
By combining a grainy close-up from an old porno of a guy on his back with legs in the air, as above him a song's closing notes are depicted in sheet music, Kidd perfectly captured the book's bittersweet tone.
The grainy look of this videotaped doc gives the workers a visceral immediacy as they perform their routines.
Hot Coffee is a hidden component of the game's coding that, if unlocked via a program that can be freely downloaded from the Internet, will treat a player to scenes of grainy, polygonal sex.
Police are continuing to study grainy video footage in the hope of identifying some clue to who was responsible for two blasts outside the British Consulate building in New York.