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Synonyms for grail

the object of any prolonged endeavor

(legend) chalice used by Christ at the Last Supper

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Synopsis: Throughout his life, the late Joseph Campbell was deeply engaged in the study of the Grail Quests and Arthurian legends of the European Middle Ages.
These meanings, and many more, can be found in the mystical experiences that happen on the Grail path.
The cup was previously included in a Channel Five documentary called Search for the Holy Grail. In the programme, experts claimed it was actually made at least 1,400 years after the crucifixion.
The pair explore Arthurian times, stealing priceless artifacts, with the Holy Grail as the ultimate goal.
The Groovy Grails experience was well attended and featured an impressive list of technocrats including Shrikant Vashista, Director Engineer at Global Logic, Ganesh Gembali,Core member of JSChannel, Manoj Mohan, Senior Software Engineer at IntelliGrape Software amongst others.
Rogers employs an art therapist, a yoga/relaxation professional, and Grail, the recreational therapist.
This sacred site is famous for its Red Spring, or Blood Spring, so named for the red-tinted, iron-rich sacred healing waters said to have sprung forth when Joseph of Arimathea either buried or washed the Holy Grail. Perhaps this was its true location?
Holy Grail Ale will be launched at Hamper Llangollen 2012, the annual food and drink festival in October.
The video is the first of its kind and it was filmed on January 19, when Grail flew from the Moon's north to south pole.
Scientists expect to learn more about how the celestial body formed using Grail's gravity measurements that will indicate what's below the surface.
The two small Grail spacecraft - which are about the size of washing machines - will fly in formation above the moon's surface to map its gravity.
IT is supposed to be the Midlands answer to the Da Vinci Code, a centuries-old riddle that holds the key to the Holy Grail.
2011 marks not only the 75th birthday of The Grail in Australia; it is also the 90th anniversary of the beginnings of the Grail in the Netherlands.
The Holy Grail was searched for in medieval times, and believed to be a sacred relic of Christianity.
Enerpulse, Incorporated (Enerpulse), an ignition products company, has announced that its Pulstar(R) pulse plugs are being implemented by Grail Engine Technologies.