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an academic exercise in which diplomas are conferred

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Max Fish are in receipt of an invitation from their son, Albert, to the graduation exercises of the Aviation Cadets of Class Five, Army Air Force Technical School at Yale University .
We can have a simple but meaningful graduation exercises," Balawag said as she appealed to parents and teachers to comply religiously with the department of order.
This also means that in 2019, graduation exercises will most likely be held in May instead of the usual March week activities.
Cordileone, archbishop of San Francisco, will serve as commencement speaker at Thomas Aquinas College's annual graduation exercises.
The graduation exercises will be held at NYU Abu Dhabi's campus on Saadiyat Island.
These local kids are the only teens in the nation who can boast that at their high school graduation exercises, President Barack Obama shook their hand and slapped them on the back.
Public schools must avoid showing preference for any religion--whether through graduation exercises, holiday assemblies or other activities--in order to maintain equality.
The ADHA Board of Trustees suggested that it be used in graduation exercises and by state societies in the installation of members.
Seniors Chris Shoemaker, Ashkan Naedri and one other student were suspended and banned from yesterday's graduation exercises while three others were just suspended.
This book provides guidance for administrators responsible for managing the daily activities of universities, from recruiting students through to graduation exercises.
His first duty involved attending Local Defense School at the Boston Navy Yard, where he was allowed to sit his Dartmouth comprehensive examination in Botany and later released for graduation exercises.
It says: "A 17-year-old girl was struck in the right eye by a mortarboard tossed into the air during high school graduation exercises.
CAMARILLO -- Graduation exercises are scheduled Friday for the latest cadets to have completed work at the Ventura County Criminal Justice Training Center.
It is a vast and complex undertaking, addressing an impressive range of topics: housework, girls' literature and diary keeping, health and exercise, schooling, illness, graduation exercises, coming of age, and romance.