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Synonyms for graduated

marked with or divided into degrees


taking place by degrees

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Close to 76 percent of Stevenson students graduated with debt, averaging $37,000.
Currently IKA BINUS has 4 work divisions, namely Alumni Engagement chaired by Lusiana, graduated from the Informatics Management; Alumni Business Empowerment chaired by Matthew Kelvin Halimin, graduated from the Computer System; Alumni Social Activity chaired by Brenda Regina Hansen, graduated from Hospitality, and Alumni Development chaired by Della Rosa, graduated from Computerized Accounting.
Of the 27 graduates from Whitireia's Pacific programme, just 48.1 per cent were working as RNs at March 31, compared to 75 per cent of the 16 who graduated from Manukau Institute of Technology's Pacific programme.
During the 2013-2014 academic year, 3,143 graduated with bachelor's degrees.
Recent black college graduates are 17 points more likely to have graduated with student loan debt than white college graduates, close to the differences that existed between white and black college graduates in the 1970s (20 points), 1980s (20 points), and 1990s (17 points).
(We also are working with the states to improve current efforts in a number of ways; for example, by collecting wage data for students who graduated as many as 10 years ago to improve long-range projections of earnings potential.) A close reading of the data already on hand shows some key lessons about what graduates should take into account while deciding about what degree to pursue and where to get it.
A new study showed that of the 94 million Chinese who have graduated or will graduate from college from 2010 to 2020, more than half will have to take blue-collar jobs, owing to an oversupply of college graduates in China.
The purpose of this study is to understand how recent high school graduates who are not attending college full time are faring in the workforce, specifically looking at those individuals who graduated before and during the difficult labor market caused by the Great Recession.
Research by the Higher Education Careers Service Unit (HECSU) found that around one in 12 (8.5%) of those who graduated in 2010 - some 19,785 in total - were still without a job six months later, down from 8.9% in 2009.
Andy said: "I graduated from university at a time when graduate employment opportunities were in the doldrums so the opportunity to work with Liquid Accounts as a paid intern was incredibly important to me.
Alexandra Yanoff, of Boylston, recently graduated from the Bancroft School in Worcester.
The classic movie The Graduate sidestepped the question of whether Benjamin Braddock graduated from college or was graduated from college.
Robin Laws-Wall 26, from Whitley Bay, graduated from the University of Leeds with a BA in French and German and will join Deloitte's Audit team as an associate.
More than 10% of those who graduated from engineering and technology degree courses last summer are still not in employment--more than double the percentage of 2007 graduates that were still unemployed this time last year.
Mr Page said: "Students graduating in 2008 face a tougher job market than those who graduated last year.
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