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the quality of ability and work that is appropriate for students in a specified grade

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Weighting the standards by the number of days, we estimated that on average the analyzed textbooks allocated between 62% and 74% of their class days to the grade-appropriate standards.
Each weekday, readers are provided with standards-aligned, grade-appropriate news stories to read.
Activities are grade-appropriate and tied to a Next Generation Science Standard.
Comparison students received comparable math instructional time, but used more standard, grade-appropriate curriculum materials.
The project also developed a set of grade-appropriate resource kits for use in public schools, covering topics such as water, energy, biodiversity, agriculture and global issues.
Grade-appropriate discussions of potential careers are now part of every step of the K-12 experience.
a newly created curricula of grade-appropriate educational materials which present information on clothing and other textiles as a recyclable product.
It's one of three volumes focused on grade-appropriate number and operations topics in relation to the Common Core State Standards, and guides groups through the co-creation and implementation of lessons.
The NAEP reading assessment measures students' reading comprehension by asking them to read selected grade-appropriate materials and answer questions based on what they have read.
For a sample list of grade-appropriate games recommended by Mayer and Harris, head to our Subscriber Spot at www.
The unique experimental data will be used to develop grade-appropriate microbiology modules for students in kindergarten through twelfth grade.
Before the game, all students will receive a grade-appropriate math packet with questions pertaining to the game.
To make the habeas corpus concept real to students, Carolyn Pereira and Nisan Chavkin suggest grade-appropriate lesson plans--a readers' theater activity for the elementary level on the lack of habeas corpus under England's absolute monarchy, a middle school case study dating to the Civil War, and a high school activity relating to the detentions at Guantanamo Bay, whose background and legal decisions are the main subject of Pereira and Chavkin's article.
Each lesson opens with historical background, introducing the teacher to the latest historiography on the mission era, and includes a generous sampling of primary sources rendered in grade-appropriate fashion.