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the quality of ability and work that is appropriate for students in a specified grade

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com search engine anticipates the information needs of students and breaks results down into grade-appropriate groups: kindergarten to second grade; third to fifth grade, sixth to eighth grade; and ninth to twelfth grade.
Through its proprietary software engine, the company uses the Internet to deliver differentiated instructional content in a way that allows each student to receive a grade-appropriate version of the content that is also appropriated for his or her reading level, as defined by earlier testing or screening.
These ready-to-use, grade-appropriate lesson plans for teaching the standards in reading, writing, speaking/listening, and language can be used in English as well as across the curriculum.
Through a host of free educational online hands-on activities and age- and grade-appropriate offline election projects, students learned what is required to run for President and the rights and responsibilities they have as citizens.
Since 2010, K to College has distributed more than $12,000,000 worth of grade-appropriate school and dental supply kits to more than 200,000 students in 55 Bay Area school districts.
Developed by Cambridge-based Co-nect's staff of curriculum designers and experts, the Election Co-nection project was designed to engage students through hands-on activities, and age- and grade-appropriate offline election projects.
The program provides educators with grade-appropriate curriculum structured to increase student understanding of how solar works and how it is being applied to generate clean, renewable energy in locations around the world.
Participating lawyers and staff at Ropes & Gray's offices in Boston, New York and Washington volunteer time and money by individually purchasing a backpack, a selection of grade-appropriate school supplies, and some new clothes for a designated child in a specific homeless shelter.
Being a capable speller, speaking well and being able to read at grade-appropriate levels, at that point, will no longer be seen by them as aspiring to white, or non-African-American behaviors.
All projects will be evaluated and judged on grade-appropriate capabilities and functionality used; creativity and originality; clear connection to curriculum topic and learning outcomes; and encouragement of participation and multiple means of expression.
Only 38 percent of assignments were aligned with a grade-appropriate standard.
The Basic level denotes partial mastery of the knowledge and skills needed for grade-appropriate work; Proficient denotes solid academic performance; and Advanced represents superior work.
Comparison students received comparable math instructional time, but used more standard, grade-appropriate curriculum materials.
Grade-appropriate discussions of potential careers are now part of every step of the K-12 experience.
It's one of three volumes focused on grade-appropriate number and operations topics in relation to the Common Core State Standards, and guides groups through the co-creation and implementation of lessons.