grade point average

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a measure of a student's academic achievement at a college or university

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The researchers reviewed 51 previous studies (more than 26,000 total participants) published between 1992 and 2012 that investigated relationships between the "Big Five" personality traits and college grade point average.
The Food Service Excellence Award for the highest grade point average in the Food Service Management course was awarded to Ens.
The data set also included the names, social security numbers, standardized reading proficiency test scores, undergraduate grade point average, gender, and ethnicity for each of the identified participants.
For those possessing BBA degrees, the two most significant variables in predicting graduate grade point average are GMAT scores and undergraduate grade point average.
Results revealed no significant relationship between teaching efficacy beliefs and cumulative grade point average.
Moreover, the likelihood of sexual initiation remained inversely associated with teenagers' grade point average (odds ratio, 0.
Based on previous findings, adolescents who had higher levels of sports involvement were expected to be less depressed, to have more intimate relationships with parents and friends, and to have a better grade point average.
Pennsylvania's East Stroudsburg University, for example, raised the grade point average needed to get into elementary education from 2.
The Rising Stars Program is designed to provide an opportunity for urban youth who have the potential and desire to succeed in college, but who may have been overlooked for traditional scholarships because their grade point averages were not high enough.
by Times news servcie Out of 226 students who appeared for the Board exam from Indian School Salalah, 45 students (25 per cent) had secured the highest cumulative grade point average of 10 by securing the highest grade (A1) in five subjects.
The incremental validity of different AP variables, above and beyond traditional admission measures such as SATA[R] and high school grade point average (HSGPA), in predicting first-year grade point average (FYGPA) was also explored.
To be eligible for the dean's list, a full-time student must achieve a grade point average of 3.
This award is presented to the Supply Corps officer who has achieved the highest grade point average in the Disbursing Management course.
Finally, grade point average was obtained for each student in the sample from current school records.
9 grade point average and score of 29 on the ACT secured her Howard's Capstone award, a three-year, renewable scholarship, which pays for tuition, fees, and room.