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Synonyms for gradational

proceeding very slowly by degrees

Synonyms for gradational

taking place by degrees

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Hence, the nature of the contact between the Dean formation and the overlying rhythmically bedded turbidite, the Wilhite, is gradational and it is a depositional contact.
The coarsening upward sequences gradational to the Eureka Sound Group are coarsest in the east and are thinner and finer-grained to the west.
Mapping benthic habitat in regions of gradational substrata: An automated approach utilising geophysical, geological and biological relationships.
Figure 4 are Variation in major and trace elements concentration described above indicate that the transition from sandstone to siltstone is chemically gradational in the Northland Allochthon rocks.
Perhaps even more troubling was Judge Bellacosa's recognition that the use of the terms "depraved" and "grave risk" in the statute "prove that the analysis necessarily includes some subjective, gradational assessment" of the facts to determine whether the defendant's conduct reaches a level of blameworthiness synonymous with that of an intentional murderer.
Second, while it might sound as if Mulla Sadra's subordination of his noetics to his ontology signals an attempt to escape subjectivism through "naive realism," one wonders whether it, indeed like his gradational ontology, is successful.
At the type locality, near the Chinji village, the lower contact of the Chinji Formation with the Kamlial Formation is gradational, while the upper contact is conformable with the Nagri Formation.
Sedimentology and ichnology of tide-influenced Late Miocene successions in western Amazonia: The gradational transition between the Pebas and Nauta formations.
The neo-liberal 'end-of' discourse specifically orders political antagonism within the bounds of a right wing neo-liberalism of market fundamentalism and a Third Way neo-liberalism that is more gradational, developmentalist and 'euphemistic' (Phelan 2007).
However, the gradational reduction in areas of refuge and the slight increase in water temperature and salinity in the dry season directly affect the composition and abundance of species of river shrimp (Welcomme, 1985).
Although we commonly conceive of narrative as a categorical concept, Currie claims that it is instead gradational, and that context determines the degree to which a representation's content must possess the features above in order that we recognize it as a narrative.
1) In both Weberian and Marxist traditions there is a rejection of any simplistic gradational definition of class as they link people's social relations to economic resources of various kinds.
According to them, the Caballos formation represents the oldest Cretaceous unit deposited immediately above the Triassic-Jurassic surface and is a retro gradational sequence deposited in an estuarine environment dominated by tides (Figure 2) and it is constituted predominant by medium to fine sandstone with local coarse grained and grey mudstone interbedded with organic matter, Glauconite and Pyrite.
Since sequences can deviate from expectations to a greater or lesser degree, eventfulness has to be conceived of as gradational.
Here he lays out an overview of what he calls the "God spectrum"--a gradational series of possible ways of dealing with the relations between religion and science from complete hyper-supernaturalism at one end to complete naturalism of The God Delusion type at the other end.