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a student who continues studies after graduation

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Many colleges and universities help grad student workers, such as teaching assistants, get health coverage by helping the grad students pay for individual student health coverage.
The grad students, who were from Bentley's business school and its Human Factors in Information Design program, divided into teams of five.
Federal programs that encourage massive borrowing by grad students and then allow much of the debt to be "forgiven," a deceptively benign term, are behind this disturbing trend.
For grad students this will require early open-mindedness toward pursuing a career other than as a tenured professor.
Reminiscent in certain ways of Eytan Fox's "The Bubble" but with much tamer guy-on-guy action, this tale of Jewish lawyer Roy (sultry Michael Aloni) and Ramallah-based psychology grad student Nimer (non-pro Nicholas Jacob) should find niche distribution, but will net more viewers--and look better--in ancillary.
The book takes on a unique structure, as the author follows the various discussions between the grad student co-leaders and their two groups of 4th-graders, supplementing it with analytical commentary.
Longstreth is more like a combination of an MIT grad student and Galileo--a lot of earned, cocky smarts and a sureness that he is seeing stars.
Ashley Freeman, a grad student, has an impulsive one-night-stand with Michael O'Connell.
Read the full report, authored by grad student Brian Perkins and Dr.
He'd also like to develop "a skateboard resort that replicates street spaces from around the world," designed in partnership with his wife, Kristyna, a sustainable construction management grad student at the University of Florida.
I'm a grad student in fashion merchandising and am developing fashionable jeans for wheelchair users.
But when the decade is over and the little girl is now a young woman, she teams up with her dad's best friend, a grad student, and a government agent to see what they can find out in the bowels of the underground experimental structure with its miles of corridors and various control rooms.
In general, Project GRAD student outcomes are tracked from the implementation of the first components of the model at each site until the 2002-2003 school year.
So the Protestant grad student spent four years at two parishes in North Carolina--one an urban, African American one, the other rural, white, and Latino.
A grad student, who needed a research project, was given the suggestion to survey why they returned.