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a student who continues studies after graduation

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Markita Landry, a statuesque physics grad student at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, whose sensual tango represents measuring protein folding using focused lasers, bagged the popular choice award.
He earned a bachelor's degree at MIT and, while still a grad student at Princeton, was recruited into the Manhattan Project, where, while only in his 20s, he became a major contributor in the creation of the atomic bomb.
Department of Health and Human Services -- first announced the temporary rules for grad student workers in 2012.
And their school bus experience isn't exactly stellar, one grad student discovered.
Jona Butler, a 25-year-old grad student at the University of Missouri in Columbia, told (https://www.
That seems like a good first step, the first of several that should be taken to avoid this looming grad student loan bubble.
55PM Grad student Dustin Hoffman is fleet of foot evading notorious Nazi war criminal (and parttime dentist) Laurence Olivier (above).
We're not only protesting that particular closing but also the other segregation and occupation activities of the Israeli military in the West Bank, as well as calling for the UC Regents to divest - as six of nine undergrad UC campuses, as the UC grad student union, as the UC student assembly have called for.
It's the story of AriBrooklyn escapee to upstate New York, all-but-dissertation grad student in women's studies, wife to a 15-years-older professor named Paul, mother to a baby named Walker, possessor of a rip-roaring case of postpartum (and likely pre-partum) depressionand the witty lines and amusingly nasty quips come fast and furious.
Plenty: she's a history grad student, a young single mother of a teen, and she works in a history museum, assigned to catalog these letters for an expert.
Washington, May 30 ( ANI ): A Princeton University grad student has discovered a way to extract drinkable water from clouds and fog.
Tell your grad students (or, if you are a grad student, your grad student pals) all about SAM.
Recovering from the flu, he's taped to investigate a dead grad student - and uncovers immediate connections to recent odd homicides in Washington, D.
So with that said, I'd like to present some of my concerns and ideas from the perspective of a grad student.
Reminiscent in certain ways of Eytan Fox's "The Bubble" but with much tamer guy-on-guy action, this tale of Jewish lawyer Roy (sultry Michael Aloni) and Ramallah-based psychology grad student Nimer (non-pro Nicholas Jacob) should find niche distribution, but will net more viewers--and look better--in ancillary.