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a school in a university offering study leading to degrees beyond the bachelor's degree

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In fact, many people who leave their grad school programs are happier for doing so.
Whether you are interested in pursuing a full-time program or taking classes part-time, the grad school rankings and advice offer guidance on finding programs that help you fulfill your personal goals.
Do not choose grad school because you can't find a job or because you don't know exactly what career to pursue.
com, publications such as QS TopMBA Career Guide and Top Grad School Guide, and on-ground events that facilitate face-to-face interactions with admissions directors.
Spent the summer before grad school playing comedy clubs along the East Coast with frat brother Ritch Shydner (who made it in show biz).
I knew I was going to have to look for another job, but the acquisition was in July of 1999, so I had already signed up for Grad School and attended the first year before it was finalized.
Seller is going to grad school that creates this unbelievable opportunity.
Waiting until my third year in grad school to join AMHCA was a mistake.
Student training Thesis review Creation / and approval maintenance of website for submission / storage of files Not applicable (f) Grad school Grad school exec.
You mentioned in your editorial (August) that there are now more than 131,000 engineers enrolled in grad school in the U.
Ask yourself if the investment is worth the return because grad school can be expensive.
Check out the new series, Grad School Finances, from the LGBT-oriented finance blog Queercents .
Recommended for older teens who love complex mysteries and are moving into adult mystery circles is TURN UP THE HEAT, a fine blend of suspense and culinary insights centering around Chloe, who is facing grad school exams, a hysterical, pregnant friend, and a boyfriend with a new trendy restaurant in town.
She describes maximizing the skills you acquired in grad school, being more than merely clever about reading job advertisements, working the application process, preparing a teaching portfolio and a really good cover letter, acing the interviews, being realistic about other employment options and where you fit, jobs in the near-academe, working with your status as an untraditional candidate, and getting back into the market after you've given up the first time.