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Synonyms for grackle

glossy black Asiatic starling often taught to mimic speech

long-tailed American blackbird having iridescent black plumage

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Japan Marine United Corporation (JMU) was entrusted with the task of manufacturing 10 vessels in the G Class series, while the Pacific Grackle is the fourth unit received by SPO, and third so far this year.
He and Muir Eaton of Drake University in Des Moines, Iowa, worked backward along a genealogical tree of grackle relatives to reconstruct the history of male and female color differences.
Lice (Mallophaga order) were found on 5 Boat-tailed Grackles (Quiscalus major), but no ectoparasites were observed on Bartonella spp.
The resulting rule changes allowed DFWI to hire falconers to help tackle the grackle problem and created a national falconry-based pest control industry in the process.
Of these, 97% were red-winged blackbirds, with boat-tailed grackles and ground doves (Columbina passerina L.
The Sahara actor had bandages over his left eye following an accident while preparing for his role as a heavy for hire in comedy The Grackle.
He was too keen at Thirsk last time, so we have put a grackle noseband on him.
4 One such poem, "En una fortaleza preso queda," the sonnet attributed to Gongora, begins with the bard comparing Ramirez de Prado to a grackle locked away in a cage:
The Day of the Grackle,'' ``Pitch,'' ``Last Stop for Paul''
But Matthew McConaughey (left) is to star in The Grackle where he plays a New Orleans bar room fighter who hires himself out at $250 a time to redress the scales of justice.
Instead the nonagenarian goes to work for the West Tisbury Grackle a one page broadsheet published by William Botts.
Rufus could stand being laughed at by every squirrel, cat, and grackle in the neighborhood.
The painting I have read of birds raining from the sky, so upon a cardinal cloth I have gathered a darkling grackle dying from a eucharist of poisoned rye (all works 2001) shows the artist sitting at a table covered with a red cloth on which he has placed a halved pomegranate, a bouquet of roses, a botanist's book opened to illustrations of pears, and a weak-looking black bird clutching a few leaves of rye.
My most cherished memory of loving him was seeing him, jacketless, tie flapping, running out into the snow under the picture window to scatter bird seed so he could teach me the names of the birds: scissortail swallow, junco, grackle.