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Synonyms for graciousness

excellence of manners or social conduct

the quality of being kind and gentle

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As a final request, I ask that you extend to my successor the same graciousness, understanding, and friendship that I have experienced these past few years, the President said.
Gracianna symbolizes everyday gratitudes and graciousness in entertaining because of their belief that successfully hosting a special meal with friends and family is an everlasting circle that fills all our lives.
I WISH to pay tribute to the fortitude and graciousness in adversity of all in the Police Mounted Section and to the Evening Gazette for their tenacity and sympathetic coverage of the tragic debacle.
The graciousness of the then-primate was met by an even greater graciousness from the elders and participants.
With Salman's humility and his well known graciousness towards friends, it seems quite plausible that the superstar might give his consent on being a part of the song.
He goes so gently and with sincere simplicity and graciousness.
The gesture reflects Ruler's kindness and graciousness to bring happiness among the inmates families.
We thank them for their graciousness in not noting our error; and we thank the eagle eye who alerted us.
Her graciousness and caring ways will forever be remembered by her family and friends.
If Cyprus' clubs could show the same level of graciousness when confronting each other, it might help the police control the hooligan element.
Dear RFO, I've been trying to think of some moments of true sportsmanship or graciousness in defeat.
Boyle went on to say he wanted the ceremony to embody a spirit of generosity and graciousness in the Au27 million show.
I'm not saying the Scot shouldn't have been disappointed but he stole the thunder of a man who will be remembered long after Murray has been forgotten - not just for his genius but for the graciousness with which he played the game.
They have to hire a driver or depend on the graciousness and munificence of a male relative to get anywhere by car.
My sincerest congratulations go to Kathleen Taylor, along with my thanks for her graciousness in victory.