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slender and graceful


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Evolving the mechanics of high-level sociality and bipedalism, however, takes some time: the first of these groups, the gracile autralopithecenes (including a.
She also had a feature that most people wouldn't think of as contributing to attractiveness, but really does, which is a small, gracile jaw," she said.
Transverse bone dimensions followed a similar pattern with individuals at Shady Grove and Lake George being generally more gracile.
GRACILE syndrome (Growth Retardation, Amino aciduria, Cholestasis, Iron overload, Lactic acidosis, and Early death) has been frequently reported in neonates from Finland (64).
Repeated like a leitmotif throughout the exhibition are stylized clay hands, slender and gracile.
In a 1990 analysis, 80 adolescents with brain dysfunction were given a combination of Bupleurum chinense, Scutellaria baicalensis, Astragalus membranaceus, Codonopsis pilosula, Ligustrum lucidum and Lophatherum gracile.
Sex Character Condition determination Inion process Large and prominent Male Small and smooth Female Mastoid process Large, rugose, and robust Male Small, gracile, and smooth Female Frontal ridges Large, prominent, and rough Male Smooth and flat Female Dentition Large, squared, and angular Male Small and rounded Female Dental arch V shaped Male U shaped Female Chin shape Squared and prominent anteriorly Male Rounded or V shaped, gracile Female
131), and Manning agrees: "The smaller, more gracile theropods will have the maxi, mum running speed.
robustus in being more gracile with thinner neural spines and narrower hemal keels (Holman and Harrison, 11).
virginianus, while leg bones appear about the same size but are more gracile.
Connecting Calatrava's gracile landmark to Saarinen's blocky mass are two long and narrow enclosed walkways, also designed by Calatrava, that are used as exhibition spaces.
Such changes included a decrease in molar teeth size, jaws/skull became more gracile, front teeth became well buttressed and shearing crests appearing on teeth, all indicative of less emphasis on grinding and more on biting and tearing of animal flesh.
Uya, the 'beetle-browed, prognathous, lank-armed' shaman-chief lusts after Eudena; but this maiden, 'our ancestor', prefers the more gracile, thoughtful Ugh-Lomi, who rescues her from Uya's violent courtship.
My wife, an ex-Episcopal girl from Virginia, named our daughter Samantha in the expectation that this dark gracile pagan name would somehow inform the child, but alas for Doris, Samantha turned out to be chubby, fair, acned, and pious, the sort who likes to hang around after school and beat Sister's erasers (LR, 12).