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slender and graceful


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gracile (n = 156; larvae and gilled-adults), followed by a much lower number of A.
Se determino la biologia del caracol terrestre, Allopeas gracile (Hutton), que es ampliamente distribuido pero poco conocido, enfatizando las relaciones alimentarias.
showed that the gracile axonal dystrophy (gad) mutant mouse, which presents a deletion within the gene encoding for UCHL1, displays brain axonal degeneration [101].
West -- -- -- Tetraedron gracile Hansgirg -- -- -- Pandorina sp -- -- -- Pediastrum sp -- -- -- Micrasterias sp -- -- -- Microspora sp -- -- -- Mougeotia sp -- -- -- TOTAL INDIVIDUAL COUNT 4 4 7 CLASS DINOPHYCEAE Ceratium sp -- -- -- Gymnodinium sp 50 -- -- Perinidium cinctum (Muller) Ehrenberg -- -- -- Perinidium sp -- -- -- TOTAL INDIVIDUAL COUNT 50 0 0 CLASS EUGLENOPHYCEAE -- Euglena sp -- -- -- Phacussp 2 -- -- TOTAL INDIVIDUAL COUNT 2 0 0 CLASS CYANOPHYCEAE Lyngbya sp -- 2 -- O.
A line was drawn across the following two points, one point is the midpoint of the posterior margin of foramen magnum and superior margin of posterior arch of atlas, the other point is gracile tubercle in medulla oblongata [Figure 1].
The second explanation is that humans and non human primates have different bone structure because of genetics with humans evolving to a lighter, more gracile structure.
gracile (tribu Leucocoryneae) se extienden hasta el sur de America del Norte, y Tulbaghieae, endemica del sur de Africa.
It is the abraded proximal portion of a left humerus, but its relatively gracile morphology (note especially the small deltopectoral crest) indicates it is a megalonychid, not a mylodontid ground sloth (cf.
If it happens during childhood when the skeleton is still developing, the bones in the paralyzed limbs will be shorter and more gracile than those in the unaffected limb, and anteversion will be increased.
Then a gracile, pecan-colored man with a reddish brown "shag" (black folks' answer to a mullet) confidently hopped the fence into the arena and headed for the chutes.
Sa frele et gracile silhouette remonte doucement le temps, traverse les ages dans un mouvement ondulatoire impeccable pour rappeler une epoque oE cette musique n'etait seulement du folklore, mais aussi un moyen avec lequel on exprimait son mal-etre et la difficulte d'etre.
Gramon Hierba Pan Schizachyrium gracile Hierba Ant-Hol (Spreng.