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Synonyms for gracelessness

an unpleasant lack of grace in carriage or form or movement or expression

the inelegance of someone stiff and unrelaxed (as by embarrassment)

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Observations at the home itself juxtapose tributes to beauty with the gracelessness of aging.
Bolger tightrope Despite my gracelessness though, I feel calm and like I've had a good work out and the following day, my calves and core feel nicely stretched out.
But he should be told that gracelessness in the face of an accident impacting on national welfare is not a good start.
Doubters were crassly dismissed: in July 2007, the then-prime minister Bertie Ahern wondered, with characteristic gracelessness, why such naysayers didn't commit suicide.
Wenger's gracelessness is becoming almost as worrying to Arsenal fans as his trophylessness.
He had an oily dorsal fin of a nose and a gracelessness in his slightest actions.
(1) Miroslav Volf finds that the American world in which he lives is growing in "gracelessness.".
Equally, the discourse of vice is likewise (un)musical, as 'gracelessness (aschemosyne) and bad rhythm (arrhythmia) and bad harmonia (anarmostia) are sisters of bad speech and bad character' (401a5-b).
Scientists in Spain are trying to find a way to tackle gracelessness in robots.
It argues that, in addition to the gracelessness of the Squire's use of rhetorical figures like occupatio, which have been shown as successful failures by critics such as Shirley Sharon-Zisser, Chaucer also demonstrates a clumsiness in the Squire's use of numerous poetic devices, specifically rhyme, enjambment and caesura.
Such purposeful moments of gracelessness are read as "authentic," and thus closer to the speech of a rural working-class, one that sits opposed to a purely literary language.
With his limp turquoise hair and slouching posture, he embodies a teenage gracelessness that seems unlikely ever to be outgrown.
After a week of Western lamentations about the gracelessness of the Saddam hanging, it became clear that the primary effect of the execution was to enhance Prime Minister Maliki's stature in Iraq.
Though the pic is in English, background murmur in courts and taverns is, somewhat awkwardly, in Spanish; the occasional gracelessness of the dialogue is not helped by the fact it is rendered in so many different accents.