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an embellishing note usually written in smaller size

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The real difference from Ocean's 11 -- as already noted -- are the grace notes.
"It was pitched correctly," says Tom, "and I could play the notes in the part, including the grace notes. The end of the horn had a bit that allowed the player to use a horn mouthpiece."
The fact that one of the grace notes in Example 9 is slurred to another note, while the second grace note in this fragment has no slur and occupies a more remote register than the note that follows it, was not determined by instructions within the Composite Element Matrix, which only indicated the presence of two grace notes.
His truly touching finale "Contessa perdono!" added its own grace note to the entire show.
Cassis, wood smoke and mocha chime in soon after the first burst of fruit, along with a touch of clove and a lightly oaky grace note. The finish is long and velvety.
"Four and a half centuries later, this arduous and unlikely trek inspired Portuguese Nobel laureate Jose Saramago to write his most optimistic, playful, humorous and magical book, a grace note written near the end of his life.
always rises with a bright fish in its beak, dangling a grace note. She
Tartini describes another type of appoggiatura that does not affect its main note--what we call a grace note: "The effect of short, passing appoggiaturas is to make the expression sprightly and brilliant.
The Keaheys handle most of the note discrepancies and inconsistencies well in the edition, although the treatment of accidentals is occasionally clumsy due to an overzealous concern to eradicate cross relations (the C# grace note preceding the B[??] in the Rondo of the Sieber seventh concerto seems unlikely).
"People want to get back at the guys who did this, to feel empowered." The movie might also serve as a cinematic grace note to a renewed U.S.
No wonder the loss of public trust has become almost unmentionable in our public discourse, except as a grace note. By invoking it more urgently than that, even Bush was speaking somewhat out of turn.
The award-winning fabrics are Una, a solid-color unique knit fabric with a smooth matte finish designed by Suzanne Tick; Arras, a large-scale tapestry that is both organic and geometric, designed by Kathrin Hagge; and Fishnet and Grace Note, designed by Suzanne Tick and Sarah Baker, respectively, which are a pair of net-like Trevira drapery fabrics of contrasting scales.
Sherman has eliminated the slick jokiness that seduced Broadway audiences in the earliest scenes of his play but has thankfully kept much of the unexpected humor that lends a grace note of absurdity to the camp sections.
And it adds to our lives immeasurably, like the grace note that embellishes a piece of music without interrupting its essential harmony.
More to the point, it downgrades the serious charge of and-Semitism to a mere grace note of propaganda.