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Synonyms for grabbiness

excessive desire for more than one needs or deserves

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Miss Manners is indulgent about those aspects that are merely in questionable taste, although she roundly condemns grabbiness in bridal couples of any age.
Kevin O'Regan outlines four qualities of sensorimotor interactions with environments that are not reducible either to thoughts and imaginings or to the physical properties of things: richness (a scene spied provides infinite detail beyond what you can invent), bodiliness (the motions of the body affect sensory input), insubordinateness (the world has a life of its own; things move by themselves), and grabbiness (sensory impacts matter apart from their cognition).
Back in 2002, in this same Editor's Note space, I joined other opinion writers in the state in complaining about the grabbiness displayed by our then-governor, Mike Huckabee, and his wife.
Suspicion over Apple's grabbiness with revenue and user information remains, and concerns about the company's power to marginalize some news sources may be heightened with the advent of Newsstand.
Should we be lectured about greed and grabbiness by an industry that arranges a personal cook for Jim Carrey's Iguana, buys Arnold Schwarzenegger a jet and builds Demi Moore her own gym?