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a Christian as contrasted with a Jew

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You occasionally meet goys who fall in love with everything Jewish, particularly early in their relationships with Jews.
Goy's breadth of vision, knack for comparison, and courage of conviction make him one of the few foreign scholars who have examined Serbian literature with passion and, in the process, have produced new and refreshing insights.
Goy, 33, storms: "I'd be the one doing the nursery and school runs, making the tea and watching films on the sofa with the kiddies." And he says even their sex life was not normal.
GOY BOY McILROY, HUNTSVILLE Empire, Middlesbrough Tomorrow Entry PS6/PS4.50
Mr Goy, who's been at the the college for four years, said: "We want to leave something here to look back on when the vault is opened in the future.
A passer-by called the police and Goy, 33, was arrested.
AIMING FOR HIGHER STATUS: Henley College's pounds 500,000 award is celebrated by (from left) Fred Noble, chairman of the Regional IT Association and head of the firm ADECS; college principal Ray Goy; Tim Corkery, LSC performance and standards adviser; and Steve Ogrizovic
It was in 2007 that a judge heard that Goy was a steroid-addicted bodybuilder who attacked his then girlfriend after discovering another man in their bedroom.
Mr Goy, who lives in the Stoke area of the city and considers himself an adopted Coventrian having lived here for 24 years, has spent the last four years as deputy principal of Matthew Boulton College, in Birmingham.
The event is organised by the General Organisation for Youth and Sports (GOYS), under the kind auspices of His Highness Shaikh Nasser bin Hamad Al Khalifa, the Representative of His Majesty the King for Charity Works and Youth Affairs, Chairman of the Supreme Council for Youth and Sports and President of the Bahrain Olympic Committee (BOC).
GENERAL Organisation for Youth and Sports (Goys) will hold the second youth leadership training programme today.
A cooperation deal has been inked between Tamkeen and the General Organisation for Youth and Sport (Goys) to launch the activities of the fourth edition of Youth City 2030, which is included in the Bahrain Economic Vision.
Goys Will Be Goys--five Jews advise a gentile on money matters.
MANAMA: The General Organisation for Youth and Sport (Goys) has announced the deployment of Lync 2013, a unified communication platform for the enterprise by Microsoft.
(BNA) -- Bahrain's General Organisation for Youth and Sports (GOYS) today announced the deployment of Lync 2013, a unified communication platform for the enterprise by Microsoft, to enable cost-effective, multi-channel communication and promote a cross-platform mobile strategy that drives up productivity.