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a governor of high rank

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Sir Zelman's paper began with much discussion of the then relatively recent circumstances that gave the Governor-Generalship prominence in 1975; so I thought that I might similarly begin with some assessment of developments of recent years relating to the office of Governor-General.
Before discussing aspects of the Governor-Generalship of Dame Quentin Bryce, I ought to issue the disclaimer that it is always possible that my views are influenced by the fact that she was my tutor in administrative law at the University of Queensland in, I think, 1979.
The powerful institution of the governor-generalship is one, but in addition he notes the special status of the Bukeev horde in Astrakhan province, the conservation of the military estate of the Cossacks, the definition of nomadic peoples as inorodtsy, and the preservation of the Bashkir system of land ownership.
69) Two years later, this integrative measure was reinforced with the transfer of the administration of the Bashkirs of the Orenburg and Samara governor-generalship from military to civilian rule.
Yet Komzolova notes that the number of Russian officials did not exceed that of Poles until Kaufman's governor-generalship (60-63), although it should be noted that the remaining Poles staffed the lower-ranking positions.
The situation in Central Asia also gave the Ministry of Finance significant power, since the governor-generalship in Turkestan was established only in the 1860s, after the finance ministry had established its primacy over the empire's financial affairs.
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