governor's race

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a race for election to the governorship

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Musgrove lost the governor's race to Republican Haley Barbour, a Washington lobbyist and former Republican National Committee chairman.
In the governor's race, prominent Arizona Republicans like former Superintendents of Public Instruction Lisa Graham Keegan and Jaime Molera, who endorsed Garcia in his 2014 bid for schools superintendent, have turned their backs on him this election cycle.
While GOP candidate Ron DeSantis, also running in the governor's race, was heavily criticized for his racially-charged remarks on Gillum, he denied having anything to do with the robocalls, clarifying that his comments were directed at Gillum's policies and not aimed at his skin color.
Bob Bullock, a Democrat, won the lieutenant governor's race by 23 percentage points.
The lieutenant governor's race was one of the first to be called, with Matt Pinnell winning the Republican nomination over Corporation Commission ChairmanDana Murphy.
I believe that it is for political reasons that Scott Walker, whom I support, and one or more Democratic candidates for governor called on candidate Flynn to drop out of the governor's race because Flynn represented the Catholic Church.
So Trump's brief interest in taking on Cuomo for the GOP-using his own bankroll which had great appeal to the party--has ended, leaving the daunting task of carrying the Republican banner in the governor's race to little-known Westchester County Executive Rob Astorino who had already thrown his hat into the ring before Trump ended his headline-grabbing political bid even before it began, confirming suspicions that his effort was more about publicity than politics.
"An ill wind had blown into Mississippi on election night and brought with it a huge upset in the Governor's race. The unthinkable had occurred."
The same poll finds North Carolina Republican Pat McCrory with a double-digit lead over Democrat Walter Dalton in the state's governor's race.
McDaniel said he filed papers with the state to begin raising money and organizing for the governor's race. Under state law, candidates for governor can begin raising money two years before the 2014 primary.
Representative Jay Inslee (D-WA) announced recently that he was resigning his seat in Congress to focus on the governor's race in Washington.
During the summer months, it ran the "Vote for Ed" campaign, which put the issue of Connecticut's struggling public education system front and center in the governor's race. In the final months of the year, ConnCAN partnered with on a giving project that raised thousands of dollars for innovative public school classrooms across the state.
A new poll in the governor's race shows Dudley with a lead of 3 percentage points over Kitzhaber.
And Democrats were bracing for the possibility of defeat in two other votes: the governor's race in New Jersey and in a congressional district in upstate New York where a conservative candidate led in opinion polls.
But Trump, who considered running for president as an independent in 2000, said his decision not to enter the governor's race "doesn't preclude me from doing something political in the future".
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