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For that purpose, the Finance Ministry issued a government note for 55.6 bln drams to the Central Bank in August 2010 and
The Finance Ministry on Tuesday auctioned 1,885.5 billion yen worth of five-year Japanese government notes, whose coupon rate was set at a 31-month high of 0.8%, the ministry said.
Also, government notes the decision by the Japanese-based credit rating agency Ratings and Investment Information, Inc.
Corporate and government notes and bonds accounted for 29 percent of all liquidity in 2005, the largest single piece of liquidity for the year.
The FA must decide whether or not to bring misconduct charges as the Government notes how the soccer authorities deal with this issue.
98, 106), a clear sign of market integration; the American Revolution as "an extraordinary breakpoint" in the market for securities--with the widespread appearance of government notes and shares in banks, insurance, and transportation companies; the increasing productivity of farm labor after 1780 and the appearance of regional labor markets within Massachusetts by 1800; and the growing preference among commercial farmers for contract-labor rather than day-labor and, after 1830, a reliance on non-local or foreign-born workers.
The bank has appointed Danareksa, Indopremier Securities and CIMB Securities as arrangers, and the bonds may yield 150 to 175 basis points above government notes, it said, adding that the bank will use the funds to increase its lending.
Prices of 10-year Japanese government bond futures ended slightly higher Thursday after cash bonds trimmed their early gains on profit-taking despite a successful auction for 5-year government notes.
because there was no trading on the issue partly due to caution ahead of an auction Thursday of 5-year government notes. It closed at 1.345% on Tuesday.
The Government notes in particular that the ICC has decided not to refer the matter to the Assembly of State Parties and the United Nations Security Council.
Prices of 10-year Japanese government bond futures fell slightly Wednesday for the second straight day on selling ahead of an auction Thursday for five-year government notes.
The ROK government notes with appreciation that over the past 30 years, the MTCR has made contributions to the international communitys missile non-proliferation efforts, including preventing the spread of missiles by controlling the transfer of missile equipment, material and related technologies; raising awareness about illegal missile programs by promoting proliferation-related information sharing; and increasing the effectiveness of export controls by facilitating exchanges among experts around the world.
Prices of 10-year Japanese government bond futures slightly fell Wednesday morning as the market took a wait-and-see stance ahead of an auction Thursday for five-year government notes.
Prices of 10-year Japanese government bond futures dropped Wednesday, when smooth bidding for 5-year government notes was followed by sluggish selling of the new notes on the secondary market.
Prices of 10-year Japanese government bond futures dropped Wednesday morning, as profit-taking took the upper hand amid a wait-and-see mood ahead of an auction for five-year government notes later in the day.
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