government issue

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supplies (as food or clothing or ammunition) issued by the government

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After the election, Richman formed a new Valleywide political group that will continue working on city government issues.
Massachusetts-Based Company Wins Competitive GSA Bid for Comprehensive Identity Theft Solutions; Government Issues Blanket Contract to Enable Agencies to Respond Quickly to Data Breaches
Barry Murphy, who handles local government issues for Microsoft Corp.
com/blogs/albany - Albany Matters provides commentary and context to New York State government issues and explains why these issues matter to the residents of New York City.
Founded in 1950 as a state-wide, non-profit organization, the Aggregate & Ready Mix Association of Minnesota (ARM) is committed to supporting the aggregate and ready mix industries through promotion, education and advocacy in environmental and government issues.
Powered by the award-winning Appian Enterprise BPM platform, Appian's FOIA solution is a component of Appian's Government Process Management (GPM) suite of solutions designed to automate complex government processes, provide real-time access to critical information and applications, and address specific government issues including, budgetary constraints, policy changes, and public demands for greater accountability.
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