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"Uttar Pradesh Chief Secretary Dr Anoop Pandey has directed that in order to maintain peace during the upcoming festivals, holidays of policemen and personnel of other concerned government departments should not be approved till August 15," an official statement read.
KARACHI -- The Sindh government has cancelled the permission granted to public institutions and agencies for the appointment of grade-one to grade-four officers in Karachi Metropolitan Corporation (KMC) and other government departments in Karachi.
Citizens in Sindh can request information from a number of government departments who would be bound to provide it under the law, failing which the responsible officer would be fined 10 per cent of salary.
The accused used several swindling methods to convince the companies' owners to accept cash the forged checks issued by the two government department. They also offered one of the owners one million to cash cheques for six millions and he agreed.
The new regulation stipulates that any new activity, or change, renewal, or stopping a licensed activity should be carried out with the permission from the ministry and other government department related to the activity.
The redundancy bill in just seven Government departments soared by 125 per cent this year, despite brutal cuts ordered by the Chancellor.
HUNDREDS of civil servants in two government departments are to go on strike in a move that will affect offices including Newcastle.
HRH the Premier urged new innovative concepts to achieve these goals, calling for an overhaul of the institutional culture in government departments to be more methodical in work.
The topics covered by the presentation included adequate explanations of Dubai eGovernment's role in providing a number of synergistic services to help government departments to provide their services to the public.
The landmark judgment could mean the government department will be forced to reluctantly pay out millions to a long queue of other contractors, including many in Wales, who are still waiting to be paid for disposing of millions of livestock during Britain's foot- and-mouth outbreak.
TELECOMWORLDWIRE-15 May 2003-UK Government department opts for Valid's e-information system(C)1994-2003 M2 COMMUNICATIONS LTD
Government Department of Defense Personnel (Foreign Service Nationals):
THIS refers to names of government department appearing on number plates of private cars and motorcycles.
Eight Town Municipal Officers (TMOs) of the Local Government Department along with the contractors have been summoned for questioning by the anti-corruption department, sources said.
There were deposits of Rs41 billion of the education department in commercial banks while Rs41 billion had been deposited by the local government department in commercial banks in June 2017.
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