government agency

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an administrative unit of government

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government agency and military Web sites with almost 4 million pages, along with the 2 million abstracts from NTIS.
The orders have been received from a national publishing giant; a high-profile state government agency; and a large county government agency.
Customers include almost every federal government agency, the top 100 law firms and Fortune 500 companies in the fields of national security, financial services, collection and recovery, insurance, telecommunications, e-commerce and retail.
Rather than submitting separate paper-based forms to each different government agency, companies simply enter this information once, and the system automatically distributes the necessary data to each recipient agency.
For example, we have a $5 million hardware product to be delivered government agency by February.
In response to a request from a funding agency or from another specified agency that is based on audit and reporting requirements for audits of entities that receive financial assistance from a government agency.
The biggest challenge facing any government agency or corporation today is keeping mission critical documents secure as workforces take advantage of the many benefits of wireless connectivity.
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