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an administrative unit of government

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The proposal also would allow the PEEC to terminate the membership of a member who is subjected to a sanction that is of a permanent nature by an approved government agency or other organization and to suspend a member who is suspended by the body.
For that reason, the modified approach can be a better fit for assessing and reporting infrastructure assets for a government agency.
The DVLA director of personnel, Avril Beynon, said, "We are particularly proud, not only to be the first government agency to offer Institute of Management programmes to our staff, but also of the commitment from our staff in wanting to develop themselves.
Depending on the job responsibilities and the government agency, colleagues also find:
The center works proactively to monitor all physical and cyber threats, to maintain relations with the greatest number of federal government agency watch centers, and to disseminate infrastructure threat information to government agencies, state and local law enforcement, and corporate security directors and executives.
Essentially, any organization that's in business, whether it's a company, a non-profit organization or a government agency, has crises all the time.
In fact, the hunting expedition and selective cutting have been so successful that the Committee of Forests is now considered a financially self-sufficient government agency.
Now supporters of a new "independent" government agency are dragging up the same old bogeymen to justify the NIE, which will supposedly fund sound peer-reviewed environmental research.
The data will be collected only once and will be stored at a government agency. Each agency can see what data is transmitted to another agency.
Meanwhile, the transactions involving public interest that must be disclosed mandatorily are compromise agreements entered into by a government agency with any person or entity involving any waiver or its rights or claims; private sector participation agreements or contracts in infrastructure and development projects, under Republic Act No.
As this developed, he called on the various government agency heads to intensify the implementation of the anti-smoking policy within government offices and premises in compliance with existing Civil Service Commission (CSC) directives.
M2 EQUITYBITES-August 5, 2011-Globecomm wins contract from US Government Agency worth USD74.1m(C)2011 M2 COMMUNICATIONS
The proposed changes in the government structure aim to create the executive power system stimulating development and to downsize the administration structure via concentration of related spheres of activities mainly in one government agency. The following changes are proposed in the government structure: 1.
The corporation or government agency invites specific written proposals from vendors, suppliers, or contractors before awarding business to the lowest bidder.
government agency. Final details are now being negotiated and completion of the contract is expected soon.
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