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Few examples exist of greater disagreement between the public and economists than the one over laws outlawing "price gouging" (a term I put in quotation marks, along with "price gougers," because I consider both to be emotionally loaded and misleading, as I explain later in this essay).
I have seen price gougers asking as much as $75--$100 for a 500-round brick of ammo at area gun shows.
M2 EQUITYBITES-April 19, 2011-BNPD announces acquisition of Texas Oil and Minerals Inc and names Tom Gouger as president and CEO(C)2011 M2 COMMUNICATIONS http://www.
My chances of a lucrative career in rugby union would have been far greater if I'd been named Johan van der Stamponface, Jean-Claude Gouger or Butch Tough.
After attending St Richard's School, Middlesbrough, Peter became an apprentice air arc gouger at Furnace Shipyard, Haverton Hill.
Gouger Cellars Winery launched in a 900-square foot space in Vancouver's Cellar 55.
Of gougers fierce the eyes that pierce the fiercest gouger he.
What possible advantage can a gouger hope to achieve?
Technical difficulties plagued opener Monsters In The Blue but they were back on track with On A Gouger, the song's ethereal, synth-generated soundscape a perfect match to Jacksonson's sparse but powerful vocals.
I was afraid to tell him about the other 100 mils because it was well known in the neighborhood that he was a price gouger.
Cash's description of the emasculated, "chinless" millworker, evoking the discourse of phrenology, modifies the agrarian, roughened image of the antebellum poor white, such as Elliot Gorn's depiction of the penetrating, poor white "eye gouger.
Receiving permission from the State War Council to raise money in support of the building fund appeal between 15 and 30 April, the League set about organising a procession, which left from Gouger Street, not on 25 April but on Friday 26 April at 11.
They let out a roar that scared the daylights out of every gouger in America, and especially in the Jets' counting room.
Aboriginal dancing 'consists of a very singular agitation of the legs while standing on tip-toe with the legs widely extended' wrote Robert Gouger in South Australia in 1837 (1838:52).