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an opaque watercolor prepared with gum

a watercolor executed with opaque watercolors mixed with gum

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Entering the exhibition, we were greeted by four modestly scaled gouaches, Florence Neptune I-IV (all works cited, 2018); these strikingly suggest mug shots, with the sea god gazing directly at the viewer and in right and left profiles.
Here, the Swiss artist sets up an encounter between her own abstract, geometrical gouaches and the museum's collection of objects.
an even more fine delineation of detail in gouache than canvas does for
FRANKFURT, GERMANY -- Chalk & Vermilion Fine Arts has loaned "La Magie Noire," an original gouache on paper by Belgian Surrealist Rene Magritte to the Shirn Kunstalle Museum in Frankfurt, Germany, for an exhibition devoted exclusively to his "Periode-Vache" (CowPeriod).The exhibition runs through January 2009.
The rest of Weise's work here is uneven: some skeleton pastel figures he was doing several years ago, along with some experimentation in gouache and watercolor.
Curated by the critic William Packer, it includes oils, gouaches and drawings, mostly recent but with some earlier works, several of which are from the 60s.
On the other hand, Rompianesi's poetry emerges in thirty-seven emotional, abstract gouaches of journeys through places and cities on four continents, explored from May 1993 to September 1995.
Inspired by eighteenthcentury French gouaches that served as prototypes for textiles, Pettijohn Schade's patterns are likewise rendered primarily in gouache, though at first glance one might think they've been printed.
Over the course of 20 or so years, beginning during his time in the Non-Combatant Corps in the Second World War, Keith Vaughan (1912-77) made a number of sexually explicit gouaches and drawings which he later pasted into a sketchbook, labelling it 'Erotic Fantasies 1940-1960' (Fig.
The collection of 18 exuberant gouaches and prints dating from 1979-2000 was brought together by the gallery at Northumbria University - which had a long association with the artist - to highlight the importance of Irvin both regionally and nationally.
The exhibit, featuring more than 90 original drawings, watercolors and gouaches, will run Oct.
It has rarely been shown in galleries in Europe, so this exhibition of his gouaches and sculpture was a welcome opportunity.
Visitors to the museum immersed themselves in the atmosphere of the era in its heyday, moving through various rooms, each with a different theme, such as "Theatre," "Boudoir," "Orient," "Cafe" and "Cinema." Many of Erte's original works, including gouaches, serigraphs, bronze sculptures, jewelry and objects d'art were presented, and the "Theatre" room contained furniture crafted from his designs.
The key is Okeke's sympathetic understanding of the magic of line, whether it be wiry and ductile, as in the undated Oja Suite, Head of Egbenuoba; disguised under shades of gray, as in the gouaches of the series "Sketches for Tales of Life and Death," 1970; or bluntly declarative, as in the masterfully concise Beggar, 1963, in which the figure, boxed in by the paper rectangle, pushes massively against it.
Or Theatre?" The exhibit, which includes nearly 400 of Salomon's gouaches, as well as texts and musical references, recreates a life scarred by both family tragedy and Nazi persecution, yet interspersed with moments of intense happiness, love and wonder, according to exhibit organizers.