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a journalist who writes a column of gossip about celebrities

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Hitch, of course, has his own problems when he meets Mendes' gossip columnist character.
In Manhattan, V is struggling to make it as a designer until she meets New York Post gossip columnist Lucy.
is the story of a sixteen-year-old high school student, who falls head over heels in love with a gossip columnist .
As gossip columnist for the Hollywood Reporter from October 1951 to his death from a kidney malfunction following open-heart surgery in November 1966, he was a witness to and participant in over a decade of sometimes tumultuous Hollywood history.
The Black Country star of The Kumars At No 42 wrote the script for the Andrew Lloyd Webber production and is now set to appear in it as bitchy gossip columnist Kitty.
The authors give the characters distinctive voices, and the basic structure of letters from Katie Bell, the local gossip columnist, to a distant relation in England holds the stories together.
Famous New York Post gossip columnist Cindy Adams, exasperated that her Park Avenue dog couldn't get doggie couture, took matters into her own hands.
Gossip columnist Liz Smith called the nuptials -Liza's fourth -'the kissiest wedding' she had ever seen.
But in Sweet Smell of Success, the corrosive effects of power are all laid out right onstage as John Lithgow, playing a vile but powerful gossip columnist modeled on Walter Winchell, dances alongside a brutal beating that he has engineered.
Kaplan even suffered the ignominy of being blown off by a local gossip columnist, who rebuffed his information-slobbering with a curt: "Go find your own stories and stop trying to steal mine.
The San Jose Mercury News is reassigning high-tech gossip columnist Chris Nolan to another beat after learning she had made thousands of dollars by investing in a local Internet company at an insider's price, The Associated Press reported.
Michael Riedel, the Daily News's Broadway gossip columnist, told CNN that Simon failed because he hadn't included "some of that old Andrew Lloyd Webber muscle" and castigated Walcott for being a "novice" in musical theater (item: Walcott, the foremost playwright in the Caribbean, produced his first musical in 1950).
Bernhard has claimed: "I would in many ways prefer reaching a heterosexual twenty-five-year-old man than a thirty-year-old dyke," and, according to the gossip columnist Michael Musto, has drummed up a fake boyfriend and told the press she hated being called a lesbian, and has also announced on Larry King Live that she was "sort of a hot gay chick.
Internet On Trial" was how Vanity Fair's December issue billed its report on the libel lawsuit against Matt Drudge, the Internet's first political gossip columnist.
It's an ironic line, especially coming from Minneapolis' most notorious gossip columnist, a woman who makes her living skewering celebrities and politicians on the very public pages of the Star Tribune.