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a preacher of the Christian gospel

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Woodsworth (1972 [1909], 1972 [1911]) and Salem Bland (1973 [1920]), social gospellers argued that the churches should worry less about saving souls for the hereafter and worry more about creating the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth in the here and now.
Worst of all, there was the Arnold who in the 1860s took up "the mission of reforming his country, not merely in matters literary, where he was excellently qualified for the apostolate, but in the much more dubiously warranted function of political, 'sociological,' and above all, ecclesiastical or anti-ecclesiastical gospeller" (Matthew Arnold, pp.
In addressing a meeting of strikers in 1902, Boyko writes that he said "that he supported capitalism and the right of business people to make a fair profit, but also that all workers deserved the right to organize themselves into unions, set reasonable prices for their labour, and earn a decent living through which they could raise their families." Bennett was not a Social Gospeller, but as a Methodist he could hardly fail to be influenced by its ideas.
The Word of God and the ministers of the Word alike were to be free from criticism or contempt, and punishment for such contempt for a second offender was either to pay a fine of five pounds or to stand two hours openly upon a block 4 Foote high, on a lecture day, with a pap fixed on his breast, wth this, A WANTON GOSPELLER, written in capitall letters, yt othrs may fear '& be ashamed of breaking out into the like wickedness." (24) There was no place for heretics and blasphemers.
McDonnell, "Walter Rauschenbusch and Labor Reform: A Social Gospeller's Approach," Labor History 11 (Spring 1970): 131-50; George H.
Charles Schulz knew that, just as Luke the gospeller did, which is why Linus's lines in the Christmas pageant are: "And there were in the same country shepherds...."
Rowse, have considered him a radical Protestant 'hot gospeller', at the outset he had abandoned Northumberland and Lady Jane Grey in favour of Mary.
Endicott, governing the new colony at Salem (1628), has placed a suspected Catholic in the stocks, stood a "Wanton Gospeller" in the pillory (accompanying a woman made to wear a cleft stick in her tongue as punishment for gossip) and countenanced such severe penalties as cropping of ears and branding.
Fergie just managed to stop laughing when I asked if he'd succeed the dotty gospeller Hoddle.
"AS the Lord Giveth, so he taketh away." In the case of television gospeller Jim Bakker, the Lord gaveth him too much and eventually had to taketh it all away.
In the stories of Puritan New England, on the other hand, Hawthorne returns again and again to the plight of dissidents such as Anne Hutchinson, Roger Williams, the Quakers in "The Gentle Boy," the Wanton Gospeller in "Endicott and the Red Cross," and in an entirely different cultural position, the broad-minded revellers of "The May-Pole of Merry Mount." For all the affectations of gentleness and good humor, Hawthorne's work shows an eye for cruelty and suffering, and an ear for silences, silencings, and contradictions.
(134) Here, then, was the ground-level binary divide within the parish: the "carnall Gospeller counts the true uses and applications of the word, precisenesse, and under that name or terme contemnes it." (135)